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Spotify App for Android TV doesn't work

Spotify App for Android TV doesn't work






Philips Full HD Android TV

Operating System

Android TV


My Question or Issue

The Spotify app for Android TV is not working. Songs play for 8 seconds without sound and then skip to the next song, again without sound. Other apps on the TV work fine. I cleared the cache, uninstalled the app, reinstalled it, and rebooted the TV, but nothing worked.

131 Replies

It looks like the moderator merged your issue into this one, but it doesn’t
seem to match at all. The issue in this thread is that Spotify Android TV
app won’t play music at all, and it skips to the next track after 8-10
seconds repeatedly and relentlessly. Good luck with your issue.







Operating System



My Question or Issue

My songs turn over by themselves. I downloaded the app to my TV, logged into my account, turned on the music and after 10 seconds, and it automatically flipped to the next one, the next one also flipped.


I guess my question was merged into this thread although my issue is more specific. No help here either. They need to address these issues and bugs.

Bump. Same here, used to work fine and now not working for no apparent reason. No sound, but it shows the track advancing to 10 seconds before skipping to the next song. I've reinstalled the app, re-logged in, reset the tv, etc. There was no update or anything that may have caused the issue that I can recall. Seems like it's a problem with the Spotify app for Samsung TVs

I started to having this issue last week, also Prime video went too slow to stream anything. I did all the tricks mentioned here, also finally the factory reset, no help. I happen to see somewhere mention to try different internet connection or reboot the router so I rebooted our cable modem even there were no trouble in internet connection. That did the trick, all started working ok. I some how understand that the Prime video issue could be related to internet connection (even all the other streaming services were working fine) but Spotify without sound and skipping songs... Wierd.

Give us an update already! Look at how many people have the same issue. How is possible to have this bug for 6 months now???!

I'm having this issue on a LG TV. Spotify had been working fine on it until about a week ago, then stops after playing one song in any playlist (shows it is playing, but no audio). Checking on my phone, it playas normally. Switching device back to my TV, the audio does not play. I have done all steps suggested (reinstall, remove power, reinstall, check IP settings to disable IPV6. Please advise.


Same issue on Philips Android TV.  Is this issue actually being looked at by anyone?

Reboot your internet connection even it works ok, that did the trick for me.

Hey folks!


While the teams are still looking into this backstage, could you take a look if restarting your router as @Teppo69 has suggested would make a difference? To do so - unplug your router, wait for a minute, plug it back into the power supply and wait until it fully loads. 

Keep us posted and we'll make sure to do the same. Many thanks!

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I am a paying premium customer.

Suddenly Spotify does no longer play any sound from the app on Chromecast.
Song shows up and then skips to the next after 4 seconds.

ALL other apps work fine in surround sound etc.. Only Spotify not working.

I tried resetting everything. I put the chromecast directly in the TV instead of Receiver. Same issue.
I put an older Chromecast in and that works fine..

What to do..?

Exact OS version:
Exact version of Spotify (include the version number):
Date of most recent reinstall: DEC 2023
Country: JAPAN

Same problem to me, Sharp Aquos Android TV. Did we find a solution?

thanks and take care 🙂

Hi, reopening this one. It happens for me also, every so often when I play songs through the TV app it just constantly skips through the playlist not playing any music. 

I've tried deleting the app, rebooting, and your advice above (didn't see the option HDMI Input Audio Format on my TV)

This is both direct through the app, and remotely from my laptop/phone.


Would appreciate your help

Nope. Maybe they're working on it.
FWIW, I dusted off an old Chromecast, renamed it Stereo Streamer, and
that's working a treat.
If you're desperate to stream to speakers via TV spotify, then they're a
hopefully temporary solution.

Same problem for about two months

Gostaria de compartilhar uma experiência desafiadora que estou enfrentando com a última atualização do Spotify em minha TV Samsung, modelo AU7700. Após a atualização do aplicativo spotify de dezembro de 2023, tenho enfrentado sérios problemas de reprodução, onde o aplicativo passa automaticamente entre as faixas sem emitir áudio por mais de 5 segundos.

Para detalhes completos e evidências, realizei testes rigorosos, incluindo a restauração de fábrica da TV, conforme orientado pelo suporte técnico da Samsung, resultando na confirmação de que o problema persiste exclusivamente no Spotify. Compartilhei essas informações com a Samsung, que indicou que, como é uma falha específica do aplicativo, devo entrar em contato com o suporte do Spotify.

Ao abordar o suporte do Spotify, a sugestão foi participar da comunidade e publicar minha reclamação lá, aguardando que outros usuários vissem e talvez alguém da equipe técnica considerasse a situação.

Gostaria de ressaltar que esse não é um problema isolado, pois diversos usuários relataram experiências semelhantes em fóruns online e no Reclame Aqui da Samsung após a última atualização do Spotify. Acredito que esta não é apenas uma questão localizada, mas sim uma falha generalizada que requer atenção urgente da equipe de desenvolvimento do Spotify.

Encorajo todos os usuários que enfrentam esse problema a se manifestarem na comunidade, compartilhando suas experiências e, juntos, pressionarmos por uma solução efetiva.

Vamos unir nossas vozes para garantir que nossos problemas sejam ouvidos e tratados com a devida atenção.

I also have this problem. A temporary fix that has worked for me is to reset the network settings and reconnect to my internet.

However, that doesn't last long.

Hey folks,

Thank you for your messages.

We can confirm that the right folks are aware of the situation and are currently working on a solution for this issue. We don't have a specific date for this to be resolved, but we hope it will be as soon as possible.

We'd also recommend having your Spotify app and OS updated, so you don't miss any improvements coming your way.

If anything else comes up, don't hesitate to ask.

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Family Premium


United States


Hisense U8H

Operating System

Google TV


My Question or Issue

All my other apps work perfectly fine. This problem started when I came back from vacation and saw my power went out. I go to play a song and no sound comes out and it skips after 8 seconds to the next song. I have tried everything. The only thing that has worked so far is restarting my router. But when I turn my tv off and then back on it resets and stops working again. This is just for Spotify not for any other apps. Please help 

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