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Spotify Mobile not playing when I hit "play"

Spotify Mobile not playing when I hit "play"






Samsung Galaxy S9

Operating System

Android Oreo


My Issue

When I turn on Spotify (mobile) and try to play a song/ podcast, it will not play. I tap the play button, it turns into a pause button, and it will sit there for a minute or two before it actually plays. This happens with any song or podcast, it is not exclusive to just one or the other. Sometimes, as soon as I close the app, the song/podcast will start playing. But once I open the app again, it stops playing and the issue returns. I have tried a regular uninstall/ reinstall, a clean uninstall/reinstall, and I have cleared the cache and restarted my phone every time it happens. None of this works.


2 Replies

Same thing is happening to me too. It all started after the update that removed the widget.


Pixel 3, Project Fi, all updates installed.


Steps taken.

- Cleared Spotify cache

- Cleared Spotify storage

- Force stopped Spotify

- Uninstalled Spotify

- Rebooted phone

- Reinstalled Spotify


Still not working. The item will just sit at this screen (timer not moving). If not connected to bluetooth it will start playing in about five minutes. If connected to ANY bluetooth device it will never play.



Exactly (nice podcast choice, by the way!). I'm currently running into an opposite problem just as often as the original problem: when I need to pause, the button will turn into a play button as if I had paused it, but the song/podcast will continue to play. When I try to close the app, it will continue playing until I go all the way through my settings to force close the app. 

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