Spotify automatically plays/opens after calls and when turning car on

Spotify automatically plays/opens after calls and when turning car on


Whenever i start my car , spotify opens and plays the last song. I can reinstall app, can restart my phone and it stills opening.

Itnalso opens after every phone call and plays song.  

My phone is a note 8, with lastest software installed. Same for spotify (was reinstalled today)

This is very annoying.  Could anyone help?






Samsung Note 8

Operating System



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Have anyone faced it? How did it resolve?

It seems to be an android-spotify thing...


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So annoying! This has been happening for me for months, and when I did a search I found many other people reporting it. My only way to stop it is to log out of my Spotify account after I've listened and log in again every time I want to use it. The problem seems to be being ignored (as is my problem of my Daily Mixes being exactly the same - same songs, same order - on my phone for the past few weeks, which has stopped me from being able to use Spotify at all.)


I have the same issue. When I get in my car Spotify notices a Bluetooth connection and starts automatically. I can swipe up to turn it off and it automatically starts again. ANNOYING! Best example was I was on my bike, phone in my jersey pocket. My fiancée was driving my car to assist on a long ride and when she got within 20 feet of me on my bike Spotify came on in my car! Ridiculous.  HOW DOES THIS GET TURNED OFF?


Spotify doesn't seem to be interested in solving this issue at all. I am considering uninstalling the app from my phone.

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