Spotify bugging on EMUI OS(Huawei OS)


Spotify bugging on EMUI OS(Huawei OS)

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Huawei Mate 9

Operating System

Android version 9

EMUI build version

Spotify version installed

My Issue(s)

When booting Spotify from fresh, the loading screen becomes bugged and pixelated, as if it is not loading properly. I managed to unistall it after several attempts where the app would flat out not uninstall from my phone. I have reinstaled it again and again but the problem persists.

When playing music within the app, the shuffle button or tapping a song directly will take anywhere from 2-15 seconds to respond to the tap, and often requires inputting the same action again. I have checked if this is a RAM error, but I doubt it since Spotify is the only thing running, and the problems surged immediately after installing update; I have never these these isues surface on my phone in the near 5 years I have been using Spotify.

Thanks Spotify Team, and please fix this soon. I ahve been around the forum and have seen many similar issues on Android at the very least.

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Re: Spotify bugging on EMUI OS(Huawei OS)


Same here. Not sure whether it's the huawei emui update or Spotify but this app is slow, crashes and slows down the whole phone when running.

As a side note after running the app the phone displays a notification stating the sd card has poor read / write performance.

Huawei honor 9 lite

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