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Spotify disappeared from tray, lock screen.


Spotify disappeared from tray, lock screen.

I've tried messing with notifications, resetting app preferences etc. In Marshmallow but nothing seems to bring Spotify back.

If I thumb the circle and go to my main screen Spotify is no longer in my tray or seen in my lockscreen. I then have to manually open my phone and go back into Spotify to change songs, etc.

attached pic shows my phone info.

I'm on a Motorola Nexus 6 w/ Marshmallow. No root.

Anyone have any ideas?
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This issue has just started for me on LG G5. have reinstalled spotify several times and now done a factory reset on the phone but has made no difference. Have contacted spotify directly but they haren't being very helpful yet, just saying that Spotify isn't compatible with some bluetooth headphones, but I've been using the same headphones for ages!


Will post here if I get a solution, but its clearly seems to be a bug in the latest release 


Nexus 6 - Android 7

- no lockscreen controls

- no notification controls

- doesnt respect headphone presence, still plays music when headphones are removed

- music will start randomly


Been like this for a couple of weeks now.  Feels like an iPhone as I have to multitask to switch songs.  Will bail on this service if not fixed in next upate.  Last update caused this, not my OS, not my phone.

I will try installing a the previous apk from apk mirror, hopefully that'll rule out wether this is a nightmare introduced by Spotify or by a (and I'm just speculating) Google Play Services update.

I'll report my findings soon.

I tried the beta from apkmirror and the problem still exist.  Anyone know if Spotify has said anything regaurding the issue?

I also tried a older apk though that didn't seem to have any effect yet... I did not reboot my phone in between so needs more testing.

Just to add, Google Play Services updates ota and has auto update enabled by default. So, since GPS (the service) handles a lot of API's theres absolutely a reason not to exclude GPS, and investigate it for possibly introducing this very bug. I do find it weird that people are now all of the sudden getting this behavior. Has to be somehow related.

We might wanna make a signature list of (paying) users to increase pressure on Spotify and demanding a fix at best and a formal reply at least. I do think we need more people suffering from the issue though.

Similar litany of problems on my Nexus 6.  Everything was working great up until mid-last week.  Then,

- All downloaded songs disappeared

- Spotify gone from lock screen, notification area

- Still plays on phone once disconnected from headphones or bluetooth

- Now plays over podcast (worth noting that podcast app, Pocket Cast, has worked great through all of this and has none of the same problems)

- Bluetooth speaker goes to auto standby every 10 minutes when playing Spotify.

Impressive change from great to horrible in a single update.

(Copying over my post from another thread since this issue seems related):


I have noticed this behavior as well with my HTC 10 using the latest version of Spotify available on the Play Store.


A few other notes:

- If I pause a song in Spotify and then leave the app, the Spotify notification shows up until I tap the 'X' to dismiss it (shouldn't the notification dismiss itself when no music is playing?)

- After dismissing the Spotify notification, if I go back into the app to play music and then again leave the app, the Spotify notification doesn't show back up like it should

- I have to close Spotify in the multi-tasking pane and then re-open Spotify for notifications to work again. 50% of the time when I first try to re-open it crashes and I get a 'Unfortunately Spotify ... closed' message. Opening it again works.


@doverclock, since when have these issues started? They seem to be vaguely related, but I don't think it's the exact same problem.

Ah, apologies if it isn't the same issue 🙂


I actually just got this HTC 10 last week, and I've noticed it since using this phone. I was using Spotify on my Note7 previously and didn't have this issue... but I don't want to rule out a recent update to the app as the cause.

Hello guys! 


It looks like Spotify is looking into this. So, I would highly suggest that you contact them here to tell that you're having this issue. It would be the best solution if you have tried almost every troubleshooting steps available here in the Community. It will not harm you to contact though. Just my two cents.




I personally wouldn't bother clearing and reinstalling it'll very unlikely fix this problem. This bug appeared with the latest version of Spotify along with the Bluetooth controls not working; the problems are very likely related if they fix the notification/lock screen issues the Bluetooth problems would likely go away as well.
I've already tried the fresh install and clear data it didn't do anything other than waste my time and make me have to download my music all over again. Pretty tired of this "solution" being thrown around like it's no problem to delete 3000 songs and start over.

The suggested solution to uninstall, delete folders and re-install is nonsense.

The amount of times I've done that, reinstalled tens of Gigs of music only to find the problem still exists.

It's little more than a stalling technique until the next version of spotify rolls out.


Overall the stability is better than it used to be but every now and then spotify release a complete dog. The latest relese ( is a dog.

Has anyone else tried turning off GPS? (settings, location, mode then set to battery savings networks only) Not sure but seems to have stabilised it for me....

I dont even use location services at all.  Issue still happens.

Hey guys,

So I've been having this same notification issue for the past week, my Sony Bluetooth headphones also keep losing control of the music.


A new beta (v6.5.0.1795) came out yesterday and I've been using it for the past 24 hours. It seems to have fixed it! Link below, try it and test. It may be just a fluke but the notification on my Nexus 6P (6.0.1) hasn't disappeared at all yet. I haven't cleaned data, reinstalled or anything. My Bluetooth headphones have also been able to control the music all day. Looking good!

Will this update to official once released?

Yeah I presume they'll release it on the Play Store soon. No idea when but the beta seems pretty stable to me.

Gonna try it. Thanks.

Edit - it worked for 10 minutes and disappeared again, bluetooth no longer functions. The best solution is to install the beta version or go back to a previous version.

Interestingly enough I tried a solution posted by another user on this forum, which was go to settings - apps - Spotify - permissions, disable then enable the permissions and not only does this seem to fix the lock screen issue it seems to fix bluetooth control as well.
It would seem there is a glitch in this version that resets the permissions to disabled? I noticed all the permissions were disabled and had to be re-enabled.

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