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Spotify disappeared from tray, lock screen.


Spotify disappeared from tray, lock screen.

I've tried messing with notifications, resetting app preferences etc. In Marshmallow but nothing seems to bring Spotify back.

If I thumb the circle and go to my main screen Spotify is no longer in my tray or seen in my lockscreen. I then have to manually open my phone and go back into Spotify to change songs, etc.

attached pic shows my phone info.

I'm on a Motorola Nexus 6 w/ Marshmallow. No root.

Anyone have any ideas?
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The new design seems to be a server side change since I'm also getting it with 6.5. The bug however persists as you said. 

Hey everyone


I had the same problem running Spotify 6.5 on Nexus 5X (stock) and only workaround that worked for me was downgrading to 6.2. After reading other topic on this forum I updated Spotify to latest stable release and so far it seems to be working fine. Lock screen controls don't disappear. I didn't test bluetooth experience just yet, but those two things seem to be related so I hope that bluetooth playback (and control) works just fine too.


Just letting you know.

Hey guys, currently running with the white notification controls and haven't experienced the issue for about a week now. Hopefully Spotify has solved the issue.

It didn't work for me 😞
I'm on an Android 6.0.1 (Marshmallow). Also, it now goes silent if I have the power saving mode on, even though I add the exception in phone settings.
No song changing on lock scree + incompatibility with Android power saving mode.

So we're now up to v and the problem persists for me, is anyone else still losing the play controls?

I never recovered them... I need to unlock my screen to change song 😕

I dont know you if you still have this problem, but what worked for me was: touch and hold the spotify controlbar. Some extra options appeared and there should be a more advanced options. This gave me the option to show spotify on lock screen.

It was 100% fixed for me about a month ago. Haven't had the problem since. If I leave music paused for more than 10 minutes then pressing play on my earphones often brings up Google Play Music and starts playing a random song but I'd say that's more of an Android issue as there's no way to set a default music app.
The notification is a lot more persistent now though. No complaints.

I use the Bluetooth Connect and Play app it allows you to set which app starts when you connect a Bluetooth device. Brilliant!

Did you have the spotify notifications set blocked?

It's sad that this is still occurring. I'm on Spotify app version and am still losing notifications on my Galaxy S7 running Android 7.0.


It shows for a while and then simply stops meaning I need to unlock and open the app to change tracks. This doesn't happen with Google Play Music or any other app (Youtube when casting, Sonos, local music players, etc.).


Also, is there any way to unmark this as solved? It seems a lot of people still have this issue.

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