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Spotify disappeared from tray, lock screen.


Spotify disappeared from tray, lock screen.

I've tried messing with notifications, resetting app preferences etc. In Marshmallow but nothing seems to bring Spotify back.

If I thumb the circle and go to my main screen Spotify is no longer in my tray or seen in my lockscreen. I then have to manually open my phone and go back into Spotify to change songs, etc.

attached pic shows my phone info.

I'm on a Motorola Nexus 6 w/ Marshmallow. No root.

Anyone have any ideas?
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I spoke too soon. The notification disappeared again (v6.5.0.1816), I had to restart the app.
No idea what's taking them so long on this, I'm a student Android Developer myself and technically, this shouldn't take nearly a month to sort. Priorities!

Also can someone unmark this thread as solved as it really isn't yet.

Competition is good for business! 😉

I love Spotify as a service, but over the years I've had so many problems with the Android app that I'm almost ready to give up and move over to Google Play music. I didn't spot that someone had already found that still hasn't solved this problem and so I stupidly updated. There I am, in my car, no Bluetooth control again, no lockscreen controls, get out of the car, music carries on playing on my phone speaker... the same old story. Now have to go through the whole delete everything - install versión 6.2 - download all my stuff process again. Come on! Is it so difficult to solve this? Really, Spotify? 

Same Problem here!!!

OK, by reading these posts I see I'm not the only one who encounters exactly the same problem.
On my case it's since the last 6.5 update (few days ago)...

I noticed that 6.5.0 1816 has been pushed to Google play for official update on the 25th.


Has 6.5.0-1816 really not addressed the issues?


I'm sticking on 6.2 for the time being as it's solid and getting sick of switching between versions and associated time to download music again.


Regardless of whether 6.5.0 1816 fixes things it's crazy how the last official release ever got through QA and also how long (nearly a month) it's taken to push out another release. They'd have been better pushing out another release from the 6.2 source tree and then spending some time figuring out how they screwed up so badly.


Lot's of customers pay for this service (me included). It's not good enough.



I tried the Update .

Not Fixed yet, Same behavior!

Very annoying.

Switched from iOS the other day and have to say the app in nowhere near as good as that version. On top of that I'm also having these issues (no Bluetooth controls, music plays on phone speaker when I get out of my car)

Its true the latest update doesn't help any of the following issues that Spotify has:
- notification controls not working
- lockscreen controls missing
- bluetooth controls not functioning

Further Spotify wants to pretend like the problems aren't there and that clean installing and redownloading is a solution for everything.

I guess notification bar control functions going missing isnt a big deal to me. However, losing bluetooth control is a big hassle, being unable to play/pause go next song on my car player is really bad, not to mention being unsafe - I have to unlock phone, look for spotify reopen spotify app (because notification bar is missing), pause or next music. Hope this issue gets fixed.

Knew I shouldn't have updated to 6.5.0-1816 from the "fix" 6.2 version. Can't believe that Spotify have pushed out an update 6.5.0-1816 that fails to fix the problems but actually introduces an additional problem. I get a nice "This song is not available" when trying to play my discover weekly.

Sort out spotify. Your app has become unfit for purpose


Back to 6.2 for me. Is there any QA on releases?

For me, all the issues have been fixed in latest version 😀
No "Discover Weekly" issue either

None of the fixes in this thread permenantly solve the issue. The new beta released today (Nov 1, 2016) does not solve the issue either. It appeared to at first, but within 5 songs, it was gone from the notification area again, requiring one to pull up the full app to make any changes/see what's playing. 

I agree. Who ever keeps marking stuff as solutions needs to test something
for more than ten minutes.

The no notifications is what's killing me as it breaks Android Wear working
with it as well.

I'm pretty much done with this because of this. Back to free tier and
Google Music for me.

Lock screen and tray notifications seem to be working for me now with the beta (released yesterday) on the Pixel, although I see some others have continued to have problems with it.

Wouldn't count your chickens before they hatch 6.5 initially worked too but failed about 10 minutes later. Would be shocked if 6.9 really worked.

I do have to admit it's better, but I've had moments where it doesn't show (S5 running the new Beta). Spotify wants to be all fancy and have the notification disappear if the app is front and center. Because of this, they have to keep taking it down and putting it up, and it does get lost in that shuffle (and I'm sure uses unnecessary resources as well). There was nothing wrong with having the notification persistenly present. Nearly (or all?) other music apps follow that policy. 

Still having problems on the beta! Even more so actually with this version, although now the notification is disappearing more often but I'm always able to control with my Bluetooth headphones. This is strange coz I would've thought these were linked.

Every day Android is convincing me more and more that I need an iPhone. Sick of this sloppiness from not just Spotify but many other apps devs who no doubt seem to prioritise iOS development over Android. Cmon Spotify!

Same here beta is allowing the widget / bluetooth controls to work even if spotify is disappearing from the notification bar and lock screen. At least there is some progress and hopefully this will all get sorted in the next full release 

Progress update! (It's not good).
Spotify have actually redesigned the notification in the latest beta, but now it's disappearing more than ever and Bluetooth is back to not being controllable yet again.

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