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Spotify in ur car.


Spotify in ur car.



I was wondering if i'm able to use spotify to play music to my car radio?


It would be awesome it that could be done, Since i really enjoy the music and now i have the premium status


And just wondering how it would be done, i tried via USB stick but that didn't work out :S


Any1 got other idea's?






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That looks like what you need Sue.  Just open the packaging carefully so if it doesn't work you can easily send it back.  Good luck!

As a follow-up I read some more about the best for my 2007 Scion TC and purchased this one and it works great!


A toast to music with no static!

I too recently discovered that I can use spotify in my car . I have a Ford Focus mk3 and streaming audio to the standard built-in radio works perfectly. Even the controls on the steering weel work. But... when I receive a notification of some kind (like e-mail or an app) the controls of my car don't work anymore. The music keeps playing though.


Is this  a know issue?

Do you know what model Jvc deck you own?

My car hooks bluetooth to spotify and then all my playlists say the song is not available...once in awhile there is two or three songs.  i have uninstalled spotify from my phone and have all available for offline use and my phone does not have an AUX jack that i can find but it's not that anyhow, it's the songs themselves. i tried to go on my phone to web player and that just gave me account crap and random stations and not my playlists that i have in my account.  WHAT am i doing wrong?  i am ready to kill my spotify account AGAIN over this issue.

whats the use of playlists if i can't play them?!!

I have handsfree droid maxx 2 synced with bluetooth...I tried usb to phone and wont pick up device....cant play thanks Android 6.0 lollipop as well

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Hello everybody!


Saw this topic and wanted to mention that there is many ways to listen to music in your car!


More info you can find here.


Keep in mind that both your device and car need to support the method you choose.


Let us know if you have further questions.


Have a nice day!

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