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Spotify keeps deleting downloaded songs

Spotify keeps deleting downloaded songs

Spotify premium keeps deleting my offline downloaded music, despite of the fact that I have enough empty storage room. What could be causing this problem?
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Hey folks,

For anybody still experiencing this issue, we'd recommend heading over to this Ongoing Issue thread. Follow the suggested troubleshooting steps and see if that helps.


Don't hesitate to reach out if you have questions. We're always a click away!

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One more time, I'm going to redownload more than 2000 songs.... Spotify is by far the worst experience on my phone. This is ridiculous.

(Samsung S8+)

same issue, having to redownload playlists and local tracks as well due to spotifys innability to implement the simplest thing is in my opinion very lazy by the spotify team.. especialy the local song part which has to be synced from a computer on the same network, who in their right mind though that would be a good idea instead of just selecting them from a folder on the phone itself.... 

I too keep getting my downloaded songs appear not downloaded. Mine are on the SD card, which indicates they are still there, yet the Spotify app doesn't think so and therefore unchecks the Download button continuously. Probably several times in the last 1 month. I even reinatalled, deleted cache, logged out a while back which didn't help.

Seriously fed up now with how bad this app is. I like to play in the car on the way to work and several times it's let me down as a consequence. 

There are also several usability options which would make my use of the app better, for example when playing all songs on random, to then select the songs from that artist/ album in your library qhich isn't poaaible. This would be especially iaeful when in offline mode, in fact it should go to the library artist when in offline mode by default surely??

Please sort out the download problems. It's BEYOND a joke now.

Same issue here, think I'm gonna try google play or deezer. This is really annoying.

I finally jumped the Spotify ship last week after it partially deleted my
downloaded library (each album only had 3-4 songs) and also hit the 3,333
song limit. Tidal is a little more per month but it's worth it if I don't
have to keep downloading all of my songs over and over again.

Do you find that tidal is a selection as goid as Spotify? My music player came with Tidal installed too but i think 5 bucks a month more would be worth not dealing with deleted songs anymore.

Everything I've searched so far has been on Tidal except for the Irish
Tenors. The interface isn't as easy as Spotify but you shouldn't have an
issue with selection. I saw something online that said Spotify has 30
million tracks while Tidal has 45 million.

Oh rad, Definitely worth taking a look into then, thanks!

I will now be checking out deezer and tidal since spotify are unwilling to sort this out

I am getting ready to look into other options as well! I don't understand how this can consistently keep happening and nothing being done about it. Constant updates but THIS bug can't be rectified??!? I do not have regular internet in my home so I pay premium to have my songs downloaded to my device and it does not help at all when I go to play them and they are GONE 😞 Can't even enjoy what I'm paying for... and I have the FAMILY plan so I'm paying the higher premium! It will suck for the others on my plan if I change, but I pay the bill so if it's not helping ME, I'm out. I will try a factory reset of the phone and format the SD card, then redownload and see what happens.... if it happens again, I'm moving on to another service.

Same dude! I started the 30 day premium $20 option for Tidal today.  Already loving it better.  So far, I have only searched for a few small bands I know, but they are on there like Spotify and the audio quality of loseless is awesome to have  with my Pionner Hi Res music player. Spotify tops out at 320kbps.  Tidal tops out at 1411kbps, aka no comparison. 

This morning, I opened Spotify on my laptop in my work... all my offline playtist deleted and marked as not downloadable, checking my phone... the same, all my offline music deleted an the playlists marked as not downloadable. it's not the first time that happens to me. In that way, Google Play Music works like a charm, in addition, I can upload my own mp3 without losing the sync. Thinking to migrate to Google Play Music.

I've only just noticed this happening on my phone now... I do a ridiculous amount of driving and really need these songs to exist on my phone without being quietly removed in the background.


What's the likelihood they know about the bug, but can't figure out a workaround without compromising the security or something? Like, it occurs to me the only reason they use such stupid roundabout methods of storing our stuff offline would he to stop the program being easily pirated.


But damnit I pay. I pay so I can listen to my music offline, not so I can cross my fingers and hope whenever I step into the car.

Same problem here on Xperia Z5!

Same thing keeps hapening to me.  Spotify is blocked at work, so if I want to listen to music, its either listen to my offline content or get hit with overages when I stream.  Spotify should be refunding me each time I have to re-download my music.  It's annoying because there is nothing I can do until I get home from work.  If this keeps happeing, I will drop my Family premium subscription and take my monies elsewhere.

This has happened to me twice now.


I've got a theory that it has something to with the free space on the storage device. Like it sees you're down to x MB free (or x % free) and says, "Let me quietly help you free space by deleting your music cache"...


Has anyone else noticed a correlation between your collection getting deleted and running low on free space on your device?

Unfortunately not in my case. I had and have plenty of space. My theory is
that it's whatever defrag software you have/run. Some phones automatically
clean "leftovers" and for some reason, Spotify seems to be tagged as
something that can be cleaned.

I don't think it has anything to do with space. 64gb SD card just for music
and I only had about 8gb of space used.

 I have the SAME exact issue.  Here are my specs:


Phone: Verizon HTC 10 (Software Version - 2.41.605.23)

Android OS: 7.0

Spotify Version:

SD Card: PNY Elite 64GB Microsdxc Card

SD File System: texfat

Space Used: 9.30 GB of 59.44 GB


  1. I have cleared my sync'd devices and only have this one listed
  2. I have re-formatted my phone
  3. I have not tried to use internal storage as I'd rather use the 64GB SD card to save space for other applications

I do not remember when this last worked, but it did work in a previous version of Spotify.  Please let me know if you need more information.  This should be enough info for the QA department to replicate the issue.


I have a long international trip upcoming that I planned on prepping my Offline library for and would appreciate the urgency on the resolution of this bug.




And once again... Trying to redownload over 2000 songs (last time was 2 weeks ago).

Spotify, my Samsung S8+ and I love you so much 😉



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