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Spotify keeps on stopping

Spotify keeps on stopping

I'm sure this is a vain attempt to get someone from Spotify to get their act together but here it goes regardless.


Some time ago Spotify mobile app has started acting up in a completely random fashion. There are days/times where it works reasonably well, there are times when it stops/pauses multiple times within a song (I keep on pressing "play", it resumes, plays for another 20-30 seconds, pauses again... ad nauseum). All the tracks are locally cached, I'm on WiFi on top of that, the device is Samsung Galaxy S3 - so it's not the network, streaming issues or my device not being capable of keeping up.

What is wrong with this app? I've had a total wipe (factory reset) of the whole device recently, it was happening equally before and after so reinstalling the app and caching from scratch is not the answer.Equally, "restarting the device" will not be considered a fix as even if it helps, it's temporary (as the issue itself occurs completely randomly).

 It's so incredibly frustrating that I'm on the verge of cancelling Spotify subscription altogether.

2 Replies


this is one of the reasons for which:


1. I passed from Ansdroid Galaxy S4 to Iphone

2. I passed from Spotify to Apple Music.


I had exactly the very same issue you described (exactly the same) + I also needed better integrtion over bluettoth with my BMW ConnectedDrive system.

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