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Spotify starts playing randomly on my Android device


Spotify starts playing randomly on my Android device

Every now and then while listening to Spotify on my laptop, the Spotify app on my phone will launch and whatever song I was listening to will resume playing on there.  My phone is locked when this happens.  This is extremely annoying.


This started happening about 2 weeks ago.  Not sure if the problem lies with the Android app or desktop client.  Any idea why this is happening?

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This is also a problem for me. Short of going into settings and force stopping the app (which I don't want to do because it messes with my ability to be able to connect my phone to my car's bluetooth and wireless earbuds later), nothing seems to stop this function. I understand that it's meant to improve the "sync" functionality across devices and that that was a problem I especially complained about in the past, but the paranoia behind not knowing if I'm somehow blasting the whole office with uncensored music or podcasts (has happened to me a couple of times) via my phone when I'm listening on my work system with earbuds has been stressing me out to the point where I don't use Spotify at work anymore. It's also using battery power I would prefer to save for evening workouts and late nights where I may have to call an Uber. Any solution for this?

Oh for the love of god, Spotify! FIX THIS!!

I left my laptop open with spotify running but playback stopped. It's now 2am here and guess what, Spotify decides NOW is a good time to blast some music.


You have one of the leading software development teams with agile working methods and you have had this same issue for way over a YEAR now! This is embarrasing for a company your size.


Seriously, how hard can it be to tell the software to play when play-button is pressed and pause when pause-button is pressed. NO exceptions! This is driving me off the wall and I'm seriously considering dropping the payments.

The problem playing a song is fixed but my songs are still not in the right order. I have always had them organized by artist and then it has always put the songs from the same album by each artist together but it doesn't do that anymore 😞

I'm having the same problem here, but ImI not playing spotify on any other device, only my android phone. It suddenly starts playing Ed Sheeran, which I never listen to, and going back and forth it's only his songs and some other random albums I've never listened to or even searched for on Spotify. It's getting really annoying, please fix this

Same problem here, seems to be linked with Android Auto and/or Google Assistant integration. The restarting album/playlist randomly while I'm driving behaviour is annoying, the starting playing randomly four hours later when I'm in a meeting is unacceptable. Only a full system restart seems to stop this behaviour.

I also believe its Android Auto related, setting that up in my car is when it started with me, today has been the worst yet, at one stage my phone started playing tunes every 5 minutes for about an hour until I rebooted my phone.


If it happens when my phone is left unattended for long periods of time I'll come back to no data. 

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