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Spotify will not see my new Google Cast speaker - Vizio Crave 360

Spotify will not see my new Google Cast speaker - Vizio Crave 360

I just bought a new Vizio Crave 360 Google Cast speaker. The Spotify app will not see the speaker as an available device. It can be seen and casted to from the Vizio app as well as Google Play Music. I've spoken with Vizio tech support and they are telling me that the Spotify app is to blame. Any help would be appreciated. If I can't Wi-Fi cast to this speaker from Spotify, it's going back.
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You're a premium subscriber?

Yes sir, I am a premium subscriber. It works just fine with my Chromecast audios but will not see the new speaker.

Neither of those represent the problem I'm having exactly. They are referring to casting to a Google Chromecast or Chromecast Audio. I have several CAs in the house and am not having any problems with them, just my new Vizio Crave 360. I do notice that the cast firmware in the Vizio is behind what is in the CAs. The CAs have 1.21.74816 and the Vizio has 1.18.60234. This is the latest that Vizio has to offer. I've reached out to Spotify tech support but so far I'm not impressed. Very "Level 1 from the script" type response. Is there a phone number to reach Spotify tech support directly?

Nah there's no phone support. Just keep emailing them back and your issue will eventually get escalated. You know how tech support works in large organisations.

Wow, what a mind numbing ninety minutes I just spent emailing back and forth with Spotify tech support. What a complete waste of time. They just ended the case by telling me "sorry, contact Chromecast Support" for a problem I'm having with their app.



I have the same problem with my Crave 360. Did you find a solution to this issue?

The solution was to cancel my Spotify subscription and start a Google Play Music Family subscription. Works perfectly now. The software on the Crave is far from perfect. Works perfectly when casting from Google Music but can be a real pain to connect via Bluetooth when I'm away from my WiFi network.

I too have switched to Google Play Music. I have a three month free trial, so I'm hanging on to Spotify for now...hoping the situation is fixed.


The interesting thing is my 2016 Vizio sound bar (with Google Cast) works fine with Spotify Connect. It's only the Crave 360 speakers that don't. And just like you, all other apps cast to all of these without issue (well, without any more than the usual Chromecast issues.)


Get this fixed, Spotify!

Glad I'm not alone. I bought the Bar and I have no issues casting to it.  I've been going nuts here trying to figure out why I can't cast to my new Crave nor to a Group.  Brutal.  I was about to buy 4 of these things and I'm glad I didn't

Same issue here. Just got the Crave 360 and very disappointed it won't work with Spotify! Why am I paying $15 a month for this **bleep**?

Yeah, it's a shame and Spotify tech support is absolutely useless. I switched to Google Play Music family plan and have been extremely happy. They simply have everything plus I had uploaded my CD collection there years ago.

The problem is really not the Crave. It adheres strictly to the Google cast standard. It works great with Google play music and I can create a group with the Crave and any other devices in my house including Chromecasts and Chromecast Audios. Works perfectly. The problem is with Spotify. I believe it has something to do with them driving people to the premium service. For instance the free Spotify version will work with a Chromecast but not a Chromecast Audio. The premium version will work with A Chromecast Audio but not with a crave 360... The way I see it, you either fully support the Google Cast standards or you don't. Spotify DOES NOT at this time.

Question for you...have you run into any issues finding the music you like on GooglePlay?  Everything...well, virtually everything I like is on Spotify.  I have my playlists. I subscribe to playlists I like.  I'm concerned that the library of music is not the same.  Have you had this issue?

I have had no problems at all in that regard. I listen to everything from early 80s Metal to progressive Jazz and Wold Music. They just have everything. There is a free thirty day trial, so no risk to check it out.

Having same issue with Crave Pro. Premium Spotify subscriber.

This is not a problem with the Vizio speakers. This is a Spotify problem. The Spotify app does not fully adhere to or support the Google Cast specification. The Crave speakers work perfectly within the Google Cast standards and the apps that support them such as Google Play Music.

Just wanted to say, premium user with the same issue: Vizio Crave 360 does not show up as a device to cast to.  Spotify, please work with Vizio and Google to get this resolved....

So I'm a Spotify premium user and the crave 360 just started showing up within Spotify today!! Audio has been choppy though. Fingers crossed will be fixed soon!!

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