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Unplayable songs

Unplayable songs

I don't know what to say... honestly. Songs stopping for no reason, and now, songs becoming unplayable... also for no reason. I want to listen to my favourite bands but I can't because songs just keep disappearing, they disappearing even from the playlists. I really hope you do something about it.

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Maybe you switched to offline mode and this songs are not downloaded. Or you are in a land, where Spotify is not allowed to play them.

I would check this and, in case it doesn't helps, try re-setting the Spotify app in Android Settings → Apps → Spotify → Reset

I didn't other wise I couldn't play the other songs

Do you are in the country, you have created the account in?

I've same problem. When i play hours of wealth (opeth's song) my phone is freezing. There isn't problem in album (ghost reveries). this problem how was fixed? (sorry for bad english)

If your phone freezes you should contact support. Do you know how to do so?



Does the problem still occur?

i have the same problem of alex


i tried to:


- reinstall spotify on android

- log out and then log in

- tried to copy the playlist


the weird thing, is that on my pc, logged with the same account, i can play that music on my playlists, while on the smartphone, i cant. 

i dont have the offline mode. 


i m a premium user

This sounds strange.

If they work on your PC, you are online and you are in premium, this should not occur.

I am afraid, but in case this does not work, you will need to contact a Spotify employee. Check out this form to contact Spotify support staff:

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