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Very slow loading at times.

Very slow loading at times.

I feel like I have to watch the progress circle go around and around for a few minutes every time I want to listen. What is happening here?
I have a brand new moto z so don't blame the phone!
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The home page can sometimes take a while to load but there's no need to wait. You can go to your library and listen to music immediately.

I have the same issues, is in every menu and the app freezes completely sometimes, much of it is that loading icon and spotify being completely unresponsive for 2 minutes or longer sometimes. Only have this issue on smartphones. PC works alright. also sometimes the music just stops and the app freezes for 30 sec.



These issues are almost every time, if not every time, i try to use the app. I have an HTC 10 android phone. Have had this issue for at the very least half a year if not longer.


I have a very large amount of playlists though, is it the same for you? Wondering if that has anything to do with it. In any case it needs to be fixed. 


This is for all pages, radio, search, my library, etc. 

See my answer to lordboy54 and change your you provider to one that can boost speed and ad G'

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