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Volume cannot be set for connected devices

Volume cannot be set for connected devices






Huawei P30 Pro 


Operating System

Android 10

EMUI 10.1.0 


My Question or Issue

If I connect to a other device in the network (does not matter if I connect to my Alexas or to my Soundbar it will not allow me most of the time to set the volume of the connected device. It works only sometimes after restarting the app after I connected to another device. Like you can see in the attached screen shot I can only adjust the phone media volume instead of the volume of the connected device.. 


This is my main problem. 




Another problem I have is also about setting the volume of connected devices. In case it works and I click the volume button on my phone it will set the volume as default at 50 percent which is loud, very loud! I have to directly click a lot of times the volume down button so that it will not hurt my ears.. 


What should I do about these issues. I tried a very old Spotify apk, that worked the other day but Google play store updated it again an now it does not work anymore...?
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