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spotify doesn`t save to sd card


spotify doesn`t save to sd card



on my WIko Wax spotify is unable to save offline music to the sd card. Although the internal disk is full and there is plenty of space on the sd card spotify just says "disk is full". I also emtied the catch and deleted all data...doesn't help.


Thank you for your ideas!

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The Kindle fire uses a mobile operating system, has very little storage,
(you might want to look at unified storage, see if the Kindle supports
that) or else use android 6.0.1 or above to join your SD storage and your
internal storage. Note that this will wipe anything on the SD card, do back
up your important files. As for iOS give me a phone that gets more than 2
hours continuous usage for music listening. That barely gets me through a
bus trip where I live.

Only formatting of SD card as portable resolved the issue for Wiko uFeel and Android  6.0

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I only found a folder that is called and other that is called spotifycache, which one should I delete?

I tried other processes on other forums without success.  This order of operations worked on the first attempt.  Thanks for the help.

And another bug... Just tired of Spotify. 

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This, this fixed for me

The easiest way to solve this:

1. Settings

2. Apps

3. Spotify

4. Permissions

5. Storage


Spotify then chooses to fill the SD card 🙂

this does not work. i would kill if it did. but it does not. try again.  the know it all **bleep** customer service where i spend hours figuring out your bs is over. all your support for this issue is **bleep**.  do not tell me its solved. look at your own forum this **bleep** been going on for since 2013?   completely lost faith in spotify. bought a car deck that was spotify approved. more wasted time and effort.  really hope you fold

what did you do? spotify doesnt know

##- the solution to this problem is the app "files to sd" from a polish guy
i think,it works on zte mobile phone at least! -##


You should ask yourselves why there are so many threads on this issue for so long and why there hasn't been an update.

There are so many other apps that deal with Android's storage permission correctly by letting you choose which storage partition you want to use and letting you grant read/write access.

I would recommend those who still have this as an issue to start voicing your issue though Twitter, Facebook, etc.

I have voiced this through twitter via spotify cares. They have run out of
things to try. I am officially in limbo to deal with internal storage or
give up on paid spotify account. Last comment from them was we have sent
this info to the developers. I really don't think they are capable of
fixing their own **bleep** or like you pointed out this would not Still been
going on years later. I like spotify but they can't fix it and I have given
up hope that they will. Makes me think they know what's wrong but the
framework of the software would need to be completely rewritten from
scratch and they do not care enough to redo the app properly. Tim

Tried this infinited times. Set storage to SD, started downloading and spotify still saves on my internal memory or says that theres no space, even with a clean SD available. This is just frustrating. 



Thank you.  That was great up until Step 5.  There is no "Change" option under "Storage" on my phone. Looks like I'm still stuck freezing up all of my local storage in spite of tons of space on my SD Card.

Xz premium with the same problem... Did you find a solution? 


I've got the same problem. Before sporting was using SD card as storage but for some reason there is no spotify on my SD card. Gone into Spotify,settings and there isn't a "storage" part in my spotify now to change to SD card from internal so my phone is now nearly full. 


This needs to be sorted out. Is there an email address or Twitter To send them questions?

I am having the same problem with google play music. do these problems occur when the phones OS updates and the apps fall behind or are poorly programed for the latest version of android? nothing else has changed as far as I am aware that could prevent these apps from accessing the SD card.


- Xperia X

Is there any way to know the format style of my SDcard? to check if I have it format External Storage

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