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Process for Starting New label account


Process for Starting New label account

I need to set up a new label spotify account but I don't have any of my artists music out yet but the sign up form is requiring music samples. What are the proper steps for putting music on spotify through distrokid and being able to get on spotify playlists first. I am new to this and don't want to get the steps mixed up. The label sign up form is requiring a link to spotify music. How can I put that music out without the label account set up first?

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Hello Larry- welcome to Spotify chat! Distrokid will supply your artist's music to Spotify and other markets automatically. That's their job as a distributor. Have your artists or you submitted their music to Distrokid? If not, they need to do that first. Once Distrokid does their thing and the music is on Spotify, then you will be able to provide the links in your music label application. Artists don't need to be signed to a label to be on Spotify.


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