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Queue changes when I connect or switch to a new device


Queue changes when I connect or switch to a new device

Having my queue maintained even when switching devices was a feature I loved when I had an Android (previously Samsung Galaxy 10). However, with my iPhone 13 Pro (iOS 15.4.1) any queue that I build up is completely gone when I switch to a new device whether it is connecting to my car bluetooth or opening Spotify on my LG TV. I have attempted restarting my phone and uninstalling/reinstalling Spotify (version


Is there any fix for this issue?

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Yes! This is so incredibly frustrating. I’ll spend time building up a queue, connect to a Bluetooth speaker, and then poof, the queue is gone. I can’t even fathom who would consider this to be a “feature”.

I am also afflicted with a similar occurrence. Windows 10, Windows 11, Google Nest Hub, Samsung TV or Samsung Phone, whatever I pick, the queue shuffles other than the song I am currently listening to.

I am experiencing the same thing. On Android only though and it's very frustrating when changing from one bluetooth device to another. The entire queue gets deleted and goes back to the previous queue I was using on that device. 

YES. I get in my car and Spotify stops playing my phone queue and starts playing from the queue from my PC. So frustrating.

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