March 2017 Ideas Review

March 2017 Ideas Review


March 2017 Ideas Review

Every month the Community Team reviews our Ideas Board and present the ones we’ve updated in the past 31 days.


We're here to take a look at the ideas we updated for you all in March. Curious what we implemented last year? Well check out our Yearly Ideas Review: 2016 here. 




1. Option to Disable 'Behind the Lyrics'.



2. Integrate HTML5 with

We're currently rolling out an udpated version of the web player that fully supports HTML5. Keep an eye on this idea for more updates.



3. Bring back "Year in Music" on demand.


4. Sleep Timer.


5. [Amazon Echo] Alexa controls via Spotify Connect.


6. Voice control Spotify for mobiles




7. Organize 'Your Music' by genre.


8. Headless client for Linux servers


9. Spotify for Uconnect.


10. Decreasing subscription price for long-term subscribers.


11. Allow recommedations to be removed from Discover.


12. Rearrange playlists on the mobile app


13. Ability to link together tracks in a playlist


14. Create a "Recently Added" tab to Your Music.


15. Real Time Listen With Feature


16. Your Music "Check It Out Later" Section


17. Ultimate Shuffle Button: Play Random Song from Spotify Library.


18. [Chromecast] Support wallpaper and screensaver.


19. Allow Family Members with a different address


20. Pin a Playlist to the top of the list.


21. Separate personal Playlists from Followed Playlists


22. Voting/ Rating on Collaborative Playlists


23. Bring Back "Shuffle All" for Playlist Folders on Mobile



























24. Spotify Connect for Windows Phone.


25. Add Local Files Syncing to Windows Phone App.


26. Windows Phone - Support for Cortana.


27. Scrobbling for Windows Phone.


28. Spotify Connect for Windows Phone.


Spotify for Windows Phone has been placed into maintenance mode. Thus, we will only be making critical security updates to the current Spotify app and not releasing any new features nor improving support for old devices going forward. Users can continue to use Spotify on previously supported Windows Phones and Spotify will remain on the Windows Store.


We will continue to work closely with Microsoft to ensure the best experience on Windows platforms and are constantly evaluating the most effective path going forward.




We thrive on Ideas


Every week we update your ideas posted in the Idea Exchange. We're actively bringing your comments and feedback to the teams here so they know which features are important to you. 


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Want to help manage the Ideas Exchange as an Ideas Guardian? Read more about the Rock Star Program here. Thanks as always to @Marco and @blake for being outstanding Idea Guardians this month.