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Why no TOOL (The band)


Why no TOOL (The band)

Hello everyone!!


Well I just recently discovered Spotify and would like to know if any of you can point me in the right direction here.  I need to know who do I bug to get them to add Tool to the artist list.  No songs of Tool nor any of their albums are available!!!  Probably one of the best HM bands out there and nothing on them.

131 Replies

How do i add them to the offline thingy?

I've found you have to ensure the files you want offline (especially if on your phone) need to be stored on your phone somewhere as well as on your computer - I havent really had it work successfully by it downloading the files when going offline.

I could be very wrong about that though 🙂

you do realize just how poorly musicians are compensated so you can gobble up their music for free right? 

to 3,000 you need 10000000 streams. 1 million people listening for free. But tool are stubborn? You are advocating legalized theft

Sooo...why are you on a Spotify message board (i.e. Spotify user) if you
are against streaming music? And, if there is so little money in streaming
for artists, then why is there so much music here?

I could use a new car - why don't you give me one?

you're "angry"? you are a MOOCHER

Hahaha 😄

why? it takes 1000000 streams to make 3k on spotify. before taxes. 

I fail to see anyone advocating theft. Just simply asking why no tool. The
only thing I brought up was that it's funny that all of Maynard other bands
are on there, but not tool. I think you need to calm down.

Do you not find it ironic that you would post this on a spotify message board. It's like going to a church website to try to convince them that evolution is real. 


The world is embracing streaming as means to consume entertainment. It's just the way it is. Without streaming people were stealing and the artists were paid nothing at all. You're not gonna change society on a msg board. 

That was a laughing emoji. 😄....this is angry face 😤. And no, I pay for
the things I have, including my new car.

Over 2 million tool lovers (basked off fan page followers) listen to 1 tool song a day = 3000k a day × 365 a year = 1,095,000 a year. How many people are only going to listen to 1 song? And this can occur for years off one album. Not to mention the fact that on a spotify station, someone who has never heard of tool could hear them, love them, and now the fan base and steams have increased.


Your right, stright theft!

The actual pay per stream is $0.006 from

So 10,000,000 plays you first mentioned doesn't give only $3000, it
actually gets the artist:
$0.006 × 10 000 000 = $60 000

I understand were you are coming from, i remember feeling the same way about the whole grunge thing I hated Nirvana being played in night clubs and seeing pearl jam on top of the pops! 😵 And having to go to a guns and roses concert to see sound garden and faith no more .Have you ever Heard of spiritualized? They took the medicine idea too its logical conclusion, the cd was packaged like a prescription drug complete with instructions sheet explaining how to use the spiritualized drug /medicine! The cd looked like a giant pill with the break line down the middle. I agree with the idea that tool are ideally for the Broken. I assume most people listen to tool but rarely do they actually hear tool or what they are actually saying with their music. I was diagnosed with a personality disorder and tool and pearl jam did me more good than the antiphycotic medication they gave me,which is usually given to schizophrenia patients which I did NOT have! 

I'm sure maynard would love to keep those side projects to the side, but he is not in charge of those desicions. Hopefully Maynard will just give in eventually.

Someone ought to explain to Tool they're not doing the world any favors by insisting their music only be available on plastic media encased in plastic. Artists who continue to insist on physical mediums to share their music are short-sighted and selfish.

Honestly its the best business choice for them I mean look at the music people are listening to.. Japanese guys in makeup, little emo bands pretending to be good when they will never be as good as orgy or my chemical romance dude from staind has turned into a whiny **bleep** limp bizcut has fallen of the face of the earth (thank god) korn and SoaD is fighting on weather or not to release a new album

thankfully we got a few good bands that's keeping us busy in the meantime. Killswitch, Avenged sevenfold, five Finger Death punch, Breaking Benjamin ( if you're into that kind of music) Face it Tool isn't going to sit well with the new generation of listeners they would rather hear cardi b pretending to be a musician while being 2 pieces of clothing from being a hooker rather than bands who have in depth meaning in their songs. they might sell a could 100k copies but they wont get the same reception they got years ago. Furthermore this kind of reminds me of the napster situation with feminem and metallica being made fun of. this is just going to hurt their image of thoughtful multitalented musicians and artists to greedy money grubbing old bastards who's lead singer looks like a beach ball with a head.

The only reason tool are not on Spotify is because their decsion not be part of these types of streaming services was made in an era when music streeming was a bad word because of piracy and so forth. The legitimate platforms just weren't as popular and people saw them as not far removed from torrent sites. 
This was tools view at the time and itis now out of date and out of touch with the reality of the music industry now. 

Will there be changes soon? Like out of all the music in the world they're
my favorite band and who inspired me to get into music as a whole

Depends if they are just a bunch or out of touch old dudes or have moved with the times. We will find out this year...

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