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Why no TOOL (The band)


Why no TOOL (The band)

Hello everyone!!


Well I just recently discovered Spotify and would like to know if any of you can point me in the right direction here.  I need to know who do I bug to get them to add Tool to the artist list.  No songs of Tool nor any of their albums are available!!!  Probably one of the best HM bands out there and nothing on them.

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lol... You all talk like the band are educated people... They obviously didnt use their head on this one...Money isnt made from digital or physical sales, its Tours that generates all the money, anyone who is willing to pay for a Tool album already did. If they dont get with the program, well its game over. (torrents)

Well, you know, all those Maynard bands have different band mates, in the case of Tool they have all this way-of-thinking that don't allow them to share their music in a digital and simple way...

Adam Jones, is an artist too, not only the guitarrist, so he prefers and gives a great value to the fisical art, because he enjoys music the same "old" way... you go to a store, find music, check the CD artwork, you like it, and you buy it... their music is more than just music, they have a whole amazing experience when you buy a Tool album, the artwork and Ideas they put into it.

Actually the band doesn't even have a live official dvd concert, because is not the same, I've been in Tool concerts and believe me, is not the same sensation to listen and watch the whole performance live than in your sofa.

I agree with Jones, to enjoy Tool in its complete way, you have to buy an original CD or vinyl, go to concerts and change your way of thinking, it is the band's principal goal.

I'm a big Tool fan, I can recommend you bands like Soen they sound similar to the Tool sound and they're in Spotify

@HTC wrote:

>> Spotify - for sure - would pay them well to add their catalogue.


LOL, you clearly don't know much about Spotify.


1 million streams pays between $6000 - $8400 USD.  Far less than they used to get for selling 1 million records.  That money is likely split between the artist and the record company.

Music business has changed, the money is in touring now.. having your music on streaming services is good for promoting your catalog and filling seats for your tours!   I think Tool is being dumb for not being on streaming services... nobody is buying CD's anymore so they're just no longer relevant.  Dumb move for Maynard.


We are on the eve of great things. At some point on 8/2/2019, the entire Tool catalog goes streaming and digital download. 

I strongly suggest playing "Hooker with a **bleep**" over and over again so that it trends on Spotify. 

Learn to swim, my brother. 

It's there 🤘🏻

They have finally joined!

Listening as I speak. 👍



Well this is awkward

Well they have a new album and tour to promote. Principles be damned in the quest for more money.

However where is Salival?

OUR DAY HAS COME!!!! TOOL IS ON SPOTIFY! The Rock Gods are pleased!  I’m going to go out and buy some tool swag today just to tell Maynard Thank You!!!





@offacough wrote:




Was this directed at me? I was just trying to show my support for an artist that I’m not really “Paying” to hear there music. Even though I’ve Bought every tool CD at least twice because they would always get stolen.  I was going to tell you some S*** But then I looked you up on Twitter and I like your beliefs so instead I started following you! 

Um, this is a line from the "Hooker with a **bleep**" song from Ænima...pretty
sure this was not directed at anybody...

**bleep**, my bad I’ so STUPID! 🙂 It’s been so long since I listened to Tool because all of my CDs have been stolen and I couldn’t stream them! LOL


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