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Spotify Connect - Spotify Switches Playback Device Randomly

Spotify Connect - Spotify Switches Playback Device Randomly

So this is probably the 10th time this has happened in the last 3 weeks.


I will be listening to Spotify on my laptop at work, and all of a sudden, the music stops.

I didn't hit any keys, what the F?


I go into Spotify and it says Spotify Connect is now playing on "<Home PC Name>", my computer located about 10 miles from me.

First time this happened, I called my house mate and had him go into the room of the computer to confront the intruder in my home, but fortunately there was no intruder, only a Spotify bug.


Fast forward a couple days, hey it happened again!

And again, and again and again....


Look, the Spotify Connect is a pretty cool feature. I like it when it works. But this is starting to get annoying.


How can I keep Spotify from randomly deciding it's time to jam out my empty apartment, instead of my ears?


I'm open to just disabling the service, though I would like to keep using it because it's handy when I'm jamming on guitar and can control the music from my couch.


One more thing, I don't think it's my computer at home restarting and opening spotify because all of my applications/windows from the night before are still open when I get home.


Thanks in advance to anybody who can provide some insight into why this is happening.

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Just to throw in some additional details, the laptop is a Mac, and the desktop is a PC.

Hi there and welcome to the community,


Could you try doing a full reinstallation of the app, including removing your local cache/data files.

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Thank you for the quick reply Jordi, I've reinstalled Spotify and will update the thread if it happens again 😃

This has been happening to me for weeks now! I've already installed the latest version of Spotify on both computers. It only does this between my home & work computers - not my phone. 


Home is Mac OSX Yosemite and work is some sort of Windows 7

Just came back to post this is happening again in version


I'll try and explain the exact circumstances as best as I can.


1) Yesterday 6-18-2015 I listened to Spotify at work on my laptop. At the end of the day I closed my MacBook (mid2009) and went home.


2) After getting home, I played a few songs on Spotify on my home Desktop (custom build 2015, Windows 7x64, <HOME_PC>), queue a few up but never play the whole playlist. It gets paused after maybe 5 songs. I go to sleep.


3) The next day (6-19-2015) I come in to work (now using MacBook laptop) and play a song. I double clicked on the song from a playlist I had made to initiate the audio. It plays to my headphones normally. The song finishes, and now Spotify is playing the next song in my list (playlist from my MacBook) but it is now playing to <HOME_PC>.


4) I was going to end my post here but this just happened. After manually changing the playback device to MacBook (after #3 happens) in Spotify, and then choosing a new song (double clicking it from my playlist), then coming here to make this follow up post - when that song ended, my local computer (MacBook) is now no longer playing the next track in my Playlist, but instead it is playing one of the songs from last night's Queue I made at HOME, on a TOTALLY DIFFERENT COMPUTER.... Just to clarify - The audio comes from my MacBook. But the song was a selection I made the previous night on a different computer.


Is there just a way to disable spotify connect?

The bugs outweigh the benefits for me at this point =(

Same isue here......When playing a track through Spotify Connect on my Bluesound, suddenly my phone is playing the song through Spoyify Connect. I have to open Spotify in order to revert back to my Bluesound...



Come on, this is not good 😞 

This has been happening to me on a regular basis for months now.


This is a data loss bug, because queue selections and currently playing track are lost.

Spending time carefully building a queue of tracks to play and then having that queue disappear completely at random is a very bad user experience.


I am also running OS X Yosemite at home and Win 7 at work.

At least once a day Spotify on my work computer will claim it has switched to playing on my home computer (which is in sleep state and not connected to the same LAN or VPNed).

Any news?? Some other people experience this??

im having the issue to i listen to stoptify when im gaming and passed 2 days its been switching to a device i dont even own in the middle of the song... when i try to change it back it switch right back to the other device i dont own a samsung tablet but yet it switched to 1 if this keeps happening ill have no choice but to find a new music service provider

02:00 am... jammin music on my phone using my headset. 02:10 am.... music suddenly stops and the system in the kitchen goes off loud playing the song i was listening to. this problem must be fixed. This also happens when im at the university and someone else is home listening to radio using the system in the kitchen. This only happens with the system in the kitchen wihich is a Pinell Supersound.

Same issue here.  It's been happening for months.  I reinstalled Spotify on every device, changed the cache location, signed out of everywhere, and still have the Spotify connect glitch.  

I have same issue, it frequently grabs my soundbar at home and try's to play music through it but the worst my car where it kill my phone connection using Bluetooth... for the love of god please fix this

Not that it seems to help, but I am having the same issue. It keeps switching to an iPhone. Odd thing is, I don't own a single Apple devices

Just an other message so Spotify can ignore it's user a bit more:
I have the exact same issue except it's when I listening from the Linux player and when I switch my (android) phone on (but Spotify is not even started on it) and playback switches to my phone, annoying all my colleagues !!
If an option to desable automatic device switching was available, I would use it.


 For now, I just appologize in my office by saying to everybody that Spotify still hasn't taken care of that problem... and will probably never will... prove me wrong ?!

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Same problem here - usually when i'm playing music on my PC it will switch to playing on my android phone. Latest versions on both devices. It's well over a year since this thread started. Get is sorted Spotify.

This problem started getting really bad for me about two weeks ago. Spotify needs to fix this or I am canceling my subscription. I was at work the other day and Spotify just stopped playing. I was working hard so I didn't realize it. 20 minutes later I get a call from my landlord saying that music was blasting from my apartment.

THis is the same issue I have. I don't have a iPhone and I don's know any of the music that it starts playing. I wonder if there is a mod who is listening....

Sorry to disappoint you but this website is created by Spotify... so we can help each other !  They don't interract with users and probably don't even visit to check on what we think or say 😕
Some thread about critical bugs are several years old but without any 'official' Spotify interaction !!

The best answer you can get for any problem you might have is from some major 'civil' moderators who propose that you fully clean and reinstall all app on all devices... which is actually the ONLY thing you can do 😉

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This is the response I received from @SpotifyCares:
No worries! We'd recommend following the steps here: and changing your password to something super secure, just to be safe. Could you also head to and click "Sign Out Everywhere"? Let us know if that helps /BK

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