Spotify Links "open.spotify" don't open in Desktop App OSX/Mac anymore


Spotify Links "open.spotify" don't open in Desktop App OSX/Mac anymore


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Seems like Spotify keeps pushing this issue aside because not enough people are complaining about it. I've actually seen a good amount of posts on the community boards about it but none of them seem to have gained traction with the powers that be, claiming its a non-issue and the post gets closed. I disagree, wholeheartedly.


Please bring this option back! I don't use the web player... ever. And, I don't want to now have to start copying and pasting the link into spotify app. Call me lazy. The advanced settings used to have the option to have links open in the desktop app. But that option has recently disappeared. Seems like a very obvious and useful feature, and just strange to suddenly remove that functionality. 


My friends and I are always trading spotify links via text and emails and it's incredibly frustrating that it now doesn't automatically open in the desktop app like it used to. If I say pretty please, with a link to cherry on top, would you consider this a legitimate issue? 




Hey folks,


Thanks for reaching out to us about this.


This seems to now be the expected behaviour of the app.


@NikoPikoNiko - we noticed you created an idea about this already - here's the link to it in case other users decide to vote for it.


Cheers guys!

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Just to clarify - the "expected behaviour" is to open in a WebApp that never remembers you are logged in, asks you to sign up to Spotify and then forgets which song you clicked on? Ridiculous.


For anyone wondering, the way to share songs so that your friends can actually listen is to send them the name of the song so they can copy it and search on their desktop version.


And this is how it's supposed to work...




This is a joke right ? How come opening spotify links in anything other than spotify itself is the "normal behavior" ?


Please listen to your users & fix this


Like many have complained here, this "expected behavior" is not desired by users. It makes no sense to open the Web Player when clicking links if we have an App installed. The Web Player makes me sign in with Facebook EVERY time it opens. First world problems, but you're making many millions $$ on the hard work of artists. You have the financial bandwidth. Support the users by fixing the malfunctions please. 

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Being expected behaviour shouldn't excuse bad UX. All it means is that the design has some bad UX.

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Not solved. Quit the excuses and actually help your users.

This is not a solution. Please help your users and do not remove actual useful features. I too do not use the web player and want to open the desktop app when opening a Spotify link.


The problem is NOT SOLVED.

Nor it appears the moderator even tried to.

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Agreed, this is far from solved. Moderators, please stop marking stuff as solved if it's not solved.


At best, there's a workaround by copy/pasting, but that is NO solution. A workaround is by definition not a solution - it is a temporary measure one can take until the solution is found.

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What does this mean Peter? "This is now seems to be the expected behaviour"

Does that mean opening links in web browser rather than the app is what Spotify want to happen?

If so why?

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Why is this classified as "SOLVED?" It is not. Text messages, emails, etc. links STILL open in my browser, NOT on my desktop app. What does "This seems to now be the expected behaviour of the app" mean? Are you saying the expected behavior is to open in my browser? Because that is what it is STILL doing. Please clarify.

Yeah, the moderators love to do this. "Thanks for reaching out, a similar issue has already been asked, here and here, so we're closing this and combining that, marking this solved, and you can vote on it here, and it needs 10,000 votes before we do anything about it."


Chromebook Here.


Having same issue. Links work on mobile but not on laptop, it just opens Spotify webpage and does nothing. Seems like this has been an issue since at least 2017 from my Google search. This sucks.