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After desktop update, can't sort podcast episodes

After desktop update, can't sort podcast episodes

Recently my desktop spotify got a fresh new look! I love it, accept I cannot for the life of me find where to sort the podcasts from old eps to new eps (rather than having new ones at the top of the feed because I have some backlog listening I'm doing). Is there anyway to still sort it like this so I don't have to manually queue each episode so I can listen to episode 17 after 16 properly?

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So far it seems they've currently removed that ability entirely from both the web platform (if it was ever there, anyway, I usually never listen on the web) and the desktop version. My workaround has been to load my mobile app because you can still sort playlists there (thankfully) and then tell it to play on whatever I'm supposed to currently be listening on.


It's very annoying but it's at least a way to get around the issue until they maybe decide to add back the sorting feature to desktop.

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Hi Katerina,

I've already personally left commentary on that thread about the removal of the sorting feature from podcasts on desktop and the only way I've found to work around it and how much of a terrible change it was.

this is my biggest problem with spotify and why i never use during the day on my desktop. this seems so simple and such an obvious way to be useful for consumers. why don't they make this easy implementation?

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