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Any way to "Refresh" Local files?

Any way to "Refresh" Local files?

I'm looking for an easy solution to this irritating issue. I'm wanting to add local files to my Spotify playlists after a long time of not doing so, and despite unlinking folders that I don't need access to in the app anymore, I have a huge list of old files that don't even exist in my local library still appear in Spotify, though of course they are unplayable. My screenshot shows a list of non-existent files up until ones that have "mothy" as the artist, but there is many more, making for an apparent amount of 8346 songs! This makes navigating for the files I do have a nightmare!


I only have these 2 locations for Spotify to access files from, and I know for a fact there is no where near 8000 songs in them! Any ideas on how to fix?


I think it would be better if Spotify implemented the "drag-in" function again as my albums tend to come up a bit jumbled in the app (I like them organised) and it makes adding to playlists very long winded, but if this could be fixed that would be an awesome start!


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Clear the Spotify cache by going to Settings > Advanced settings then find an option called "offline storage" or something similar. It should show a file location. Go to that file location on your PC and delete all files in that folder. The file location is probably in "AppData". You can access that folder by pressing Windows key + R and typing "appdata" in the dialog box.

My offline storage was in a different folder but on the same E/: drive. I deleted all contents in that folder and my blank files still appear in Spotify's list. I've found a Spotify folder withing the AppData -> Roaming folder, and there are numerous files in here including Spotify.exes and the like. The other folder simply had a lot of small folder with names like "0b" and similar. There is also a Spotify folder under AppData -> Local featuring similar folders as the Roaming location. Should I try deleting the contents of both of these?

The folder with the "0b" files is the cache, yes. You can safely delete these files in both locations.
If that doesn't work, uninstall Spotify off your computer. Then go to your AppData locations and make sure there are no "Spotify" folders left behind. If there are, delete them. Then go ahead and reinstall Spotify. This is a last resort option but I am sure this will definitely fix your problem. First off try deleting the cache files, though.

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