Bad design of Desktop lyrics feature

Bad design of Desktop lyrics feature


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We've recently gotten the lyrics feature and it was partially good. Of course, the idea is excellent and the functionality is decent, but the Desktop variation of viewing lyrics has a few problems. There are already some posts out there that talk about some of the problems, but I want to say it all in one post.


1. Background color

I'm sorry, but this is straight up bad design. The background of the lyrics view sometimes tends to hurt a user's eyes, and a lot at that - I genuinely find myself squinting my eyes after looking at the lyrics for some time. My eyes get so used to the aggressively red background color that, when I look away from the screen, my vision somehow gets greener. With that being said, I think this should be fixed either by lowering the saturation or the brightness of the colors, or just completely disabling the dynamic colors - maybe add a switch to enable/disable it.


2. Unstable sync

As someone who started contributing to Musixmatch's lyrics database as soon as I learned that we were getting the lyrics feature, with the intention of perfected lyrics accuracy, and also sync - I found it pretty disappointing that the sync isn't exactly as accurate as it should be. Some lines come about a second late, while some of them come exactly when they should. I hope Spotify stabilizes the sync on Desktop devices. (The issue doesn't occur on, for example, Android devices)


3. The lyrics size / accessibility

The Desktop lyrics should be similar to the Android variation - we should be able to see all of the lyrics at all times. I don't like to talk about other services in these kinds of contexts, but I think Deezer has done a good job with the lyrics' visibility, letting the listeners always see all the lyrics, and skip to a line by clicking it. I hope Spotify does something similar to this. If not, at least give users the option to change the lyrics size, and definitely make all the lyrics visible at all times!


Those are some of the problems I've had with Desktop lyrics and I hope they get fixed.


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Hi @Ognjen1,


Thank you for reaching out to the Community and sharing your feedback.


If there are changes you'd like to see implemented in the app, we have a place dedicated for that and that's the Ideas board.


Other users have already made suggestions about changing the lyric's font size here, or changing the background color here. You can support the ideas by adding your +VOTE , that'll make sure you stay up-to-date with any relevant updates about them.  


If you have other ideas that haven't already been suggested, you can submit your own so others can then vote for it or add to the conversation to show their support. You can find the steps to submit a new idea in this article.


Let us know if you have any questions.

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Hey, great constructive feedback you're providing. I have a question and/or a candidate for another issue to add; on desktop it doesn't seem possible (as far as I've figured out) to see which lyrics page on musixmatch the lyrics on spotify draw from without searching for the lyrics on the musixmatch site itself, and hope that we find the correct version (some times lyrics appear to draw from wrong/miscatalogued pages, so it isn't always granted that the lyrics are easy to track down this way). Might it perhaps be an all right idea if it was possible to access the musixmatch lyrics page from a link from within the spotify client, so we could more easily find lyrics and fix errors spotted?

Hey @Arikabeth,


Thanks for the post and you suggestions.


If you think other users might also like it, go ahead and create an idea on the relevant idea board, like MafeG has suggested. We always take new ideas and feedback into consideration to improve the app. Here you can read more on how ideas work.


We also suggest checking this help article for useful tips on how to submit an idea. As a heads-up, it's good to know that the higher the number of votes an idea gets, the more likely it is for the idea to be implemented.


Hope this helps. Let us know if you have any more questions.

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