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Bug with Plantronics Backbeat Pro 2 and Windows Desktop App

Bug with Plantronics Backbeat Pro 2 and Windows Desktop App

This is going to be a long post but the bug is quite complicated but also quite annoying.


I bought the new Plantronics Backbeat Pro 2 which can connect to two devices at once and it will switch between the inputs depending on which source is playing music.  I connected by phone (Android) and laptop (Windows 10) via bluetooth and it works great for any music input EXCEPT for the Spotify app.


When I play music through the Spotify Android app everything works great.  However, when I play music through the Spotify Windows Desktop app, it plays for 1 second then it stops playing and pauses.  When I try to resume there's no sound despite the desktop app advancing the time as if something is playing.  At this point, playing any other audio source (YouTube, Winamp, etc.) through the desktop resorts in no sound.  I assume that there's something wrong with the sound being re-routed to nowhere.


To test the conditions further, I disabled the bluetooth on my phone (thus disconnecting it from the headphones) and then tried to play on the Spotify Desktop app.  This time, it WORKED with no problems!


I assume that there's some problem with the Plantronics headphones being connected to two devices and those two devices also running a linked Spotify app.  I know that this is complicated but perhaps if a Spotify Dev could try to re-create the conditions by using a Bluetooth Headphone that can simultaneously connect to 2 devices (ie. Plantronics Backbeat Pro) perhaps it can be fixed.


Thanks for your time!


EDIT: I tested the Spotify Web App ( and it works perfectly.  Thus, it is related to the desktop app.


EDIT 2: I changed my Android device to set Spotify app to Offline mode and it works perfectly.  Thus, this issue is related to Spotify Connect bugs between a bluetooth headphone connected to Desktop app and Android app.


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Bump.  Any assistance would be appreciated!


Same issue for me on Android phone !!!

I need to stop the application to listen music again.

Just purchased this headset. I've noticed that the issue consistently occurs when the open mic mode is active. When open mic is off (regardless of whether active noise cancelling is enabled) Spotify works fine. Additionally, it doesn't matter what app I'm using (native music app on phone, YouTube, Spotify, etc), the issues occur in open mic mode.

This is using the android Spotify app on a Sony z5 compact.

Obviously using it wired worked, so definitely a wireless issu.

How do you turn open mic off?  Is it that switch on the left ear cup that turns between noise cancelling/normal/open mic?  


I've tried the switch on all 3 settings and still have the same issue with Spotify.

It is the three stage switch on the left cup. I should note that I haven't attempted wireless on the desktop app, only on my phone.

I see.  The bug I'm talking about is different.  It's when you connect the headphones to the Computer and the Phone and you have Spotify installed on both and you play Spotify on the Computer.


I did notice the Open Mic bug though where you can't play any music when it's active.  I never use the feature because of that.

Fair enough. Sorry I couldn't be more help 😞

Yup, I'm having the same problem. I just unpaired the BBP2 from my phone and now there are very few problems.


The headphones will occasionally go on a spurt of pausing my music for no reason. If I'm listening through the web browser, though, there are no problems with it. 



 Same here, I have an issue when i take off my BBP2. It stops the music automatically, but when i put it back, I have to manually switch it off then switch it on on my laptop to get music from Spotify again. And a blue banner pops on the top of Spotify telling me the song can not be played. Then, after the manual switch, it comes back to normal.

Same problem here!

Same problem here ! Looks like Open Mic and Music cannot be together when using wireless !!

Did you find a solution ?

It appears to me that the open mic mode is designed to let noise in. So this may be working as intended. I haven't tested open mic mode with other streaming services or media players, but that would be the easiest method to assess if this is an intended feature of the headset, or whether it's a specific behaviour between Spotify and the headset.



Its a problem with only few app (Spotify , Samsung music, youtube)!

On Facebook or Instagram, everything work well, videos are working without interuption with OPEN MIC on!

It looks that they tried to solve the problem with a firmware update (V.20): SEE HERE


But i updated to this version and i still have the same problem!

Same problems here, the open mic fonction stops the music. Any solution?

Folks, this issue persists on Mac with google music player so it's not a spotify issue.  It's certainly a plantronics issue.  Has anyone opened a bug report on the Plantronics side?

Hi All,


The Backbeat Pro 2 has integrated sensors. Music has to stop, when you remove them from your head. Its not a bug... its a feature.

When you move the BBP2 again on your head, the Music starts again.. but in a silent mode and get louder and louder. That helps to safe your ears.


When you use the Mics on the BBPro2, then you can´t hear music... because they are build, to have an conversation.


eg. you are in a plain and hear music... the cabin crew want to talk to you or you have to listen, then you can push the mic button to hear and answer. This is the use case for the mics.


The mics are also need for the ANC Feature. Active Noice Cancelling. This feature help you, to reduce the enviroment sounds around you. Thats the MAIN reason, while this headphones has the mics.


For any questions... ask me 🙂


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