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Can't Play Music

Can't Play Music

Since the last two updates on spotify, it says I can't this music that I have downloaded on my computer. There is nothing wrong with the tracks (check by playing tracks on windows media player). I have about 12 playlists that can't be played. I am only able to listen to 3 play lists. Even when I go to certain artists, it says Can't play current track.


Can this be fixed by me or does Spotify have to fix this themselves? I'm really pissed I can't listen to most of my music because of a stupid bug. I pay for no ads and this is what I get..

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Hi there! The best course of action here would be to try a clean reinstallation of the application.

Give this a shot and let us know if it works. Cheers!

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What's a Spotify Rock Star, and how do I become one?

I can't even find my installation folder. I have done a full PC search for the folder, but all I'm finding is the AppData Spotify folder. Is that the default instal folder? or did it possibly get hidden? I'm pretty sure I didn't change the default installation folder.

The default installation path should be user/AppData/Roaming/Spotify and the cache is stored separately in user/AppData/Local/Spotify

What's a Spotify Rock Star, and how do I become one?

I have been getting "Can't play the current track" notifications on nearly half of the music I have in playlists.  Either something has gone terribly wrong in the licensing world, or there's something wrong with my Spotify instance.  Is this a known problem?


Looking for ideas on fixing this if it's not happening for everyone.

So i figured out he problem. and its fixed now, BUT I have to recreate EVERY playlist on spotify.. -_- my port names got changed so Spotify couldnt figure out where my music was so it said I didn't have any music at all. But the weird part about this is that some of the songs are registering on the playlists but 95% of the other songs are not. This is going to be EXTREMELY annoying and tedious.. I've had to do this a few times now.. and this time, I have roughly 3 more playlsits with 50+ songs on each playlist.

For the record, performing a clean install fixed the unplayable tracks problem.  Thanks.

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