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Can't add new songs to playlists or queue

Can't add new songs to playlists or queue







Operating System

Windows 10

My Question or Issue

When I try to add new songs to my playlists on my Windows computer, they cannot be added to the playlist. However, they show up on my playlists when I open the playlists on my Samsung Note 8. If I add a song to a playlist on my Note 8, it will show up on the playlist on my Note 8, but not on my computer. 

Additionally, these songs that I cannot add to playlists on my computer I cannot add to the queue on my computer so I cannot listen to them at all on my computer. [See screenshot below] However, as you can see in the screenshot, this only happens for certain songs (I don't know which ones and why). In this screenshot, 3 songs are unable to be queued or added to playlists, while "lovely" can be queued and added to playlists.

I am logged in on the same account on both my phone and computer so I don't know why there is this issue. If anybody could help me fix it, that would be much appreciated!


spotify queue.JPG
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Hi @pameladuke!


Here's a potential solution I found from sifting through other threads that you could try out:

Hopefully this will allow you to add songs to playlists on your desktop,



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