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[Desktop] Lost Features, no friend tab, etc.


[Desktop] Lost Features, no friend tab, etc.

Since a few days i lost a few features which i would like to have back.






Lenovo Laptop

Operating System

Windows 10

My Question or Issue

My Desktop Version got updated all of a sudden and now i got a completely different look. I don't have the friend activity bar on the right side, i can't change my playlists covers or description. I can't even see my own profile like before on the top right. It is like the phone version because i honestly can't customize anything anymore.

Same on the Web player. I downloaded an older version already, which helps, but it updates itself automatically and gets back to the new(?) design. Is there anyone with the same issues or with a solution?


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I pinged them on twitter and looks like they fixed it. I can confirm that after logging out and logging back in I see the normal desktop version on the desktop app.

Yeah I just checked my Spotify and I can FINALLY see the desktop player!

My Spotify has also updated to the normal desktop version finally after what seemed like an eternity!

Finally able to access those missing features.

same here, sweet jesus. finally a company which listens to the customers, i wouldn't have thought that it really get changed again to the old and better design.
thanks everyone for making this public, so they noticed it and thanks to spotify for listening to us. i will happily resub premium now.

Seeing how many reactions, and all negative, were for this 'experiment' I hope if they ever bring a redesign they first implement ALL features before switching over users. I guess their telemetry that nobody would react to this was wrong.

If I removed basic functionality from our applications at work I would be fired. Glad it is fixed now for everyone and they finally listened and had common sense.

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