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[Desktop][Other] Bring back keyboard shortcuts for track scrubbing

[Desktop][Other] Bring back keyboard shortcuts for track scrubbing

You used to be able to scrub the track through the arrows left/right and jump a few second back or forward. Why was this removed? You cannot even use the Home key to jump to the start of the track (although the media keys can do this, not all keyboards have these).

All serious music players and DAWs allow this, although commercial software like Windows Media Player always seem to try and make simple things difficult and ignore well-established conventions. Even YouTube, with its myriad of buffering defects, has this.

Music playback is the centerpiece of Spotify, yet it has gradually turned less and less music-listening friendly and focuses more and more on "news" and releases which are mostly irrelevant to me.

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Hey there @eirine1834,


Thanks for reaching out about this on the Community!


Seeking forward / backward should still be possible with the following shortcuts on Desktop:

image (1).png

Could you give those a try and in case it doesn't work provide the following details, so we can pass it on to our tech folks to look into:

Keep us posted!

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Wow! Thanks, I did not find this and the keys I tried did not work. But 15s is quite long considering most songs are only 2-4 minutes long, this is more akin to jumping than useful seeking. I see that Shift + Option + Left|Right on Mac adjusts the sidebar width, is that really useful?

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