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Friend Activity Limit

Friend Activity Limit






Windows 10 PC


My Question or Issue


So I feel like most people can share the sentiment that the Friend Activity has been a bit wonky over the past few months. However, I have one issue that cropped up that does not seem to have been solved or even discussed. 


I follow a lot of people on Spotify, like, hundreds. And IIRC, a year ago, this was no problem. I could look at the friend activity, and while it took a while to scroll through, everyone was there. I really enjoyed seeing like 40 people listening to songs all at once, and hundreds more that were not currently listening, but that I could see their history.


Now, the friend activity has seemed to be capped at an odd limit of 27(?) people? I'm not sure how accurate this number is because it seems to fluctuate like, ±a few. And I'm sure the natural (though unlikely) response to this is, "well, maybe the people you're not seeing just aren't sharing their activity." And that's possible, I guess. I mean, it would be pretty crazy to go from, a year ago, hundreds of people sharing their activity to now only a few, but this isn't the case.


Because, the little workaround I've found, is that if there is someone that I'm following that isn't on the friend activity, all I have to do is unfollow them and then instantly refollow them, and hey presto, they're on the sidebar, without kicking anyone off. 



In fact, if I use the "Find Friends" option to mass unfollow and then refollow Facebook friends, it magically restores the friend activity to its former glory! Of course, there's no mass unfollow/refollow feature for non-Facebook friends, so this trick is limited, and of course, I shouldn't have to do this. And, not to mention, the big issue is that whenever the sidebar refreshes at all, everything resets back to the limit number of people.



Obviously, since the friend activity limit supports hundreds of people, like the list or whatever the implementation doesn't break, then I feel like it should be allowed to fetch everyone I'm following. Like, I don't even care if takes a while, but I shouldn't have to do this weird song and dance with choosing who I should follow, limited to a top 27, and feel like a stalker unfollowing and refollowing someone just to see what they're listening to.


I've uninstalled and reinstalled, I've signed in and out, I don't have another device to try this out on so this is the only case I've got. Not really sure what to do. I love this app, and I absolutely adore this feature, it's one of the reasons I started using and continue to use Spotify, but this is a real pain.


Thanks for all your hard work,



2 Replies

This has just happened to me (In Australia) and I am very **bleep** off. I hope this is a glitch and will be resolved. One note, if I unfollow and refollow somebody they don't turn up in the Friend Activity again.

Hey there @NickXitco @boydliggitt


I understand your frustration but this is something being investigated by Spotify and as told here there seems to be an improvement in the latest version. Right now it may not be perfect but please be patient as the technical seems to be working on this problem. I wish you all a nice day!

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