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Local Files gone from the sidebar


Local Files gone from the sidebar

Casual Listener

Premium Spotify v1.1.1.348.g9064793a, Windows 10.


title. Why?


before anyone asks, 'songs' doesn't list all of my files (it lists ~30 out of the 3000 I have oh I'm sorry, it actually doesn't list any local files, only the songs that I actually use from Spotify's library), i cannot search my local files via 'albums' and 'artists'.


the only way to see search my local files is through the top searchbar.


again, why?


edit: they've hidden local files insides the settings, you now have enable it before you can see it in the sidebar, which seems completely unnecessary and a waste of dev time. maybe add back your UI features you used to have before making the experience even worse with every update.

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Re: Local Files gone from the sidebar


Spotify (god knows for what purpose), have decided to make displaying local files on the sidebar a setting in preferences, which is now off by default. If you go to your preferences and scroll down far enough you should find a setting to turn it back on

Re: Local Files gone from the sidebar


Jup, spotify is not doing well past 2 years... They have changed too much, it's annoying!