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Music keeps pausing

Music keeps pausing






iPhone 6s, Asus Laptop

Operating System

iOS 10, Windows 10


My Question or Issue

Music keeps pausing on its own whenever the device is connected to the internet. It happens to both my laptop and phone. 
I have tried reinstalling, logging out on all devices and logging back in, updating the app on both devices. 

I would really appreciate some help on this before considering switching services. 

Thank you!


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Hi there @user-removed,

thanks for reaching out !


I believe most cases i've seen regarding the same issue you're having where always connected to false or bad behavior of the internet the apps using.


It may sound too easy but i'd like you to disconnect your router/modem for a full min and then try again.


Furthermore, please make sure your audio drivers and Win 10 are up to date.

It's also good to reinstall your audio drivers just for the check out.


Keep me posted 🙂

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