New Desktop Experience - your feedback wanted!


New Desktop Experience - your feedback wanted!

Rock Star 16
Rock Star 16

Spotify is testing a new way for you to connect with your music on Desktop. The new desktop experience features an all-new design, streamlined with the Spotify apps on all your devices. 


This is a brand-new experience and some parts are still being fine-tuned. Be sure to give feedback with the steps below to let the right folks know what you think could be improved.


The other Rock Stars and I got the chance to test the new desktop experience first and now more users will be able to test it out and give their feedback for the team. If you are a passionate Spotify user and would like to join the Rock Star Program and be part of cool experiences like this, then check out this help article.



How do I know if I’m using the New Desktop Experience?

The new desktop experience is not hard to spot with its new design! Your Library looks like this for example:

Why did the app change? 

This test is rolled out to a specific group of users at this moment. It’s not possible to sign up for this right now, but your interest is really appreciated. If you’re interested in testing out new versions of Spotify before everyone else, check this out:


If you’re looking for more information about how tests work and about how features are released, take a look here:


How to give feedback?

This thread is your go-to destination for asking questions, getting help for issues you may have, as well as to share your impressions and feedback on this new desktop experience. 


Keep in mind that pictures can say a thousand words, so if you have any screenshots of something you’d like to share of your experience be sure to post them here as well! The right teams at Spotify take their time to read the posts in this thread and use your feedback to fine-tune this new experience for everyone.

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Community Manager

Hi everyone, we have an announcement in the Blog about the Desktop App. I'm going to lock this thread and move the conversation to there. 

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Casual Listener
And, in addition (all your points are, ehh, to the point) to the annoyance: the desktop does not 'remember' the chosen sorting settings. Especially those items that made Spotify an outstanding program have been ruined. No good!

Casual Listener

And, as an addition:

- Local files can't be addressed, simply doesn't work except for downloads (show titles from...) at the Options Section

- Spotify does not respect ranking of album order anymore , artists have done this on purpose

- I do not want the cache on my C-drive, had it on an extra SSD. Where is this option?

- Again: the toggle switch Title/Artist does not remember settings

Just for asking, where can I get the previous version? Even the November 30th version does not contain the necessary return for the good

- Return of the separate Artist list is an absolute must

Community Legend
So, Spotify now have more than 50 pages of (mostly negative) feedback. They promised updated version on 30th and then they even failed to fix all of the 6 bugs they promised. No other changes were made and no official response from them. This is getting ridiculous.

Absolutely -- the removal of the Artist sort column in no way contributes to a better navigational experience. it's taking away functionality, not adding to it. Also, the sort settings for playlists will reset as you enter and exit, although I saw that this was added to a fix list for a release on Nov. 30. But for my personal experience, this UI adjustment improves nothing and takes away things I use. I'm really not happy with it and would like to revert ASAP. It took up valuable time for me to contact, research, and exchange messages with Spotify to confirm these weren't glitches and were, oddly enough, on purpose. What seemed most strange though was that the people I connected with at Spotify kept telling me that I needed to reinstall or refresh when quite obviously this was a test that the company knew about. It's a little disturbing that it took so long for them to reluctantly confirm this was a purposeful change.

One additional annoyance I just discovered: after a playlist ends and it goes to [Playlist Name] radio, I can no longer see the previous or upcoming tracks by clicking the album art (bot left).  You now have to go to Queue to see upcoming and then History to see previously frustrating!

Music Fan

Strongly dislike this update. Nobody knows what album a song is inside. It was easier/better before where you could just scroll down through a list of all the songs grouped per album.


Let's say you want to listen to "Queen: I Want It All". How many albums you do you think I have to click through to get to it? You can't even use OSX swipe backwards to go back. 


PLEASE add the ability to switch between a grid of albums and a list of all songs in each album like it was before. It's literally just an icon on the top right of the album grid and I wouldn't be too annoyed about having to click Discography first

Agree with this. Absolute nightmare. What if I want to play a single artist, all albums. Now impossible.


i really dislike this new UI the layout is so odd removing the search bar was a no no that thing is really useful. oh and not to mention the volume slider is completly **bleep**ed it isnt smooth it has severe lag and the volume near the middle of the bar is like its at the lowest for the old version and then jumps 20 times louder the more u move the slider to the right.

i dislike the fact i have to click "Your Library" to find my playlists and the discover weekly. 

i prefered the old way of searching for music that showed genres since it showed album covers and the cool logos they had.

and the most annoying thing is that big **bleep**ing bar to the right that says friend activity just heads up not everyone will have facebook or like to have that showing on there music player.

oh and dont forget the fact that when u add new music to a playlist it now goes to the top of the music player instead of the bottom for me thats **bleep**ing annoying since i have my playlist set up in a way that segments my music into areas i listnt to if i want to listn to certain music.

all in all this UI i think is not good at all i dislike nearly everypart about it.

Music Fan

STRONGLY hate the new UI. Just the other day I was trying another service due to Sony 360 support for my new headphones and figured I hated it due to everything being in album pages and today Spotify updates to look exactly the same.


The way I've been using Spotify is going to an Artist and scrolling through the albums and playing odd songs from odd albums. I don't know songs by album. I just want to scroll down until I see the box art and the name and click play.


Now I need to know the album that a particular song is in, click into it, play it.... exit, go into another album.


You can't even buy albums anymore so why do we need to go into album specific pages to listen to individual songs? 


Example: You want to listen to various Queen songs:

 - Bohemian Rhapsody

 - Don't stop me now

 - I want to break free

 - Miracle


Now... what album do I have to click into to find each of those songs? I have no idea because I never bought albums before. They might be in the Popular songs, but my favourite artist is "Infected Mushroom" and there's probably about 50 songs I like from them.

Artists like Queen and Michael Jackson are the worst cause they release new albums all the time with a variety of different songs on each... how am I meant to know which album I need to click into to get to a song I want?


I hate this UI so much I'm seriously going to cancel Spotify if the previous discography view doesn't come back.


P.S. I'm not one of those people who complain about things changing... I've seen my fair share of complainers during each of the Facebook UI refreshes but this is just worse in every way.

Casual Listener

I completely agree with you! I have never cared about Facebook updates and changes and whatever for example. Change is not the issue....good changes are fantastic. Terrible decisions and **bleep** up user-experience, however, is an issue.


I HATE this new UI, **bleep**. It SUCKS. I keep being shocked and angry when I open Spotify now and I'm like, "OH YEAH, they completely **bleep** it up. UUUUUUGH!"


Why on earth would you add extra clicks for things that used to be readily available and intuitive?! Search bar needs to be at the top of every page, I don't want to have to click something and THEN click in the search bar every time, how stupid!


And why the **bleep** would you move all songs to albums? I can't just play directly down the entire list of an artist's songs or jump around to whatever songs I want? Who the frick knows every album every song is on anymore? And how annoying to have to go into and back out of albums over and over to see the songs... WHYYYY?! Just list them like they were! I want to see allllllll of an artist's songs, listed by album and release date. SO SIMPLE. It was perfect, why did you completely screw this up?!


I have LOVED Spotify for several years, but the stupidity of this update is making me angry every time I go into the dang desktop app now, and I don't need any more things to be angry about lately, hah. ARG. Really really really hoping the designers/programmers/whoever makes a good decision to fix this back to how it was -- if it ain't broke, don't "fix" it! -- otherwise I'll be looking for a new platform. And I don't want to do that! Dang it. This sucks.



Casual Listener

hahahahaha i love you

Casual Listener

ONE BIG ERROR (or was it deliberate?)

adding a new song to a playlist now sends it to the TOP of the playlist. like, what is your aim Spotify? this is counterproductive to the playlists we each have made over the years. mixtapes. playlists with a specific flow. please fix it.

one of the messages pinned to the top of this thread says they're fixing it tomorrow:

These have been fixed in the upcoming desktop release, Nov 30
“Adding a new track to a playlist puts it to the top instead of the bottom of a playlist”

Casual Listener

i agree. i hate it.  what used to be easy to find is now mysteriously hidden.  what used to take a single click now takes multiple.  i'd say that it is a UI change for the much much worse..


Of all the things I dislike about the new UI, this is probably at the top (the way the albums are listed under each artist).


Other gripes:

What happened to the search bar??

After playing a search result song, the queue just gets filled with garbage. Why not just the next song in the search results the way it was before?

Why does the playlist name banner take up most of the screen? Such wasted real estate.

Why is artist not a filterable column now? Seems like a completely unnecessary change.


THANK YOU!! someone else who is like me! 

I use to enjoy pressing on an Artists and seeing a huge list of tracks, sometimes id randomly press one and hear it, or choose shuffle.. now all I see is Albums and no idea where anything is! its even worse when I have no clue about an artist but liked a song and want to hear more.. Im not happy with pressing on an album.. Dont like anything? well.. press back, then press a new album... then back... then new album... UUGHHHH this new UI feels its from the 90's, no functionality.



I just got access to the beta today and i personally really dislike it. The search bar is no longer available everywhere, rather you have to go onto the search tab to get access to it. You can also no longer press previous when you are in a 1 song playlist, so you cant rewind without manually draggin the bar anymore.

Other than that it look pretty good, but the color of playlists that can't be edited could be a little bit brighter

Screenshot 2020-11-17 160752.png


They need to make it where you can press previous on a song list. And ya I think the color could be a bit brighterYa same I  really dislike it too.



The option to remove from this playlist does not work when you do it in the current playback. I put an image, it would be the third option below.



Rock Star 11
Rock Star 11

I really like the direction Spotify is moving with this new version of the desktop software. It’s nice when things are refreshed once in a while, and I feel like this is becoming much more streamlined and generally feels faster than the previous version. I think it’s really good for consistency having this and the web player be more closely related.


The new format of playlists is great. It’s nice to be able to see the album artwork next to tracks just like in the mobile apps, and I’m glad to see that sorting and filter features are functional as those have always been very important to me, especially when working with larger playlists. Overall, I like that the tracks have a bit more breathing room now, and this should be useful on devices with touch screens as well.


Overall, great work so far!

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It’s time for a new look, in this update, Desktop has had a little makeover. You’ll discover a brand new titled look on your browse section similar to what you see on Mobile & Web Player today, you’ll see all of the genres ready to discover and easily accessible for you to discover more. Adding to a playlist is easier than ever when you are looking to add to a playlist no more scrolling through a list of playlists looking for the right one, you can now click the corresponding tile and you’re on the move - I’ve found this super helpful!


The new Desktop experience is pretty cool with lots of changes which are here and will get you to your music, right here, right now which is what Spotify’s all about. As always, we’d love to hear your thoughts! What’s new that you’ve discovered?


We’re staying tuned!