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New Desktop Experience - your feedback wanted!


New Desktop Experience - your feedback wanted!

Spotify is testing a new way for you to connect with your music on Desktop. The new desktop experience features an all-new design, streamlined with the Spotify apps on all your devices. 


This is a brand-new experience and some parts are still being fine-tuned. Be sure to give feedback with the steps below to let the right folks know what you think could be improved.


The other Rock Stars and I got the chance to test the new desktop experience first and now more users will be able to test it out and give their feedback for the team. If you are a passionate Spotify user and would like to join the Rock Star Program and be part of cool experiences like this, then check out this help article.



How do I know if I’m using the New Desktop Experience?

The new desktop experience is not hard to spot with its new design! Your Library looks like this for example:

Why did the app change? 

This test is rolled out to a specific group of users at this moment. It’s not possible to sign up for this right now, but your interest is really appreciated. If you’re interested in testing out new versions of Spotify before everyone else, check this out:


If you’re looking for more information about how tests work and about how features are released, take a look here:


How to give feedback?

This thread is your go-to destination for asking questions, getting help for issues you may have, as well as to share your impressions and feedback on this new desktop experience. 


Keep in mind that pictures can say a thousand words, so if you have any screenshots of something you’d like to share of your experience be sure to post them here as well! The right teams at Spotify take their time to read the posts in this thread and use your feedback to fine-tune this new experience for everyone.

HuboSpotify Star
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Top Answer

Hi Everyone,

Dan here from the Desktop team again.  Desktop 1.1.55 is starting to roll out now and I wanted to let you know what to expect.


Fullscreen mode
We’ve brought back a new and improved fullscreen mode for Desktop, making better use hi-res artist imagery where available.



  • The “create similar” playlist context menu item has been added to the main playlist list in the app
  • We’ve improved playlist loading performance when navigating throughout the client
  • Show the downloaded badge in the liked songs button when it’s available offline
  • Improvements to the use-case of filtering to find a track within a long playlist


  • Episode sorting on podcast show pages, back with improved performance
  • Podcast play order improvements, better selecting which episode to play when playing from cards/search etc
  • Added the ability to see subtitles on videos where they are available.
  • Improved refreshing of content on Home to ensure fresh content
  • Show the top 5 cities where people listen to an artist on the artist about page
  • Where there are multiple versions of a release, show a dropdown on the album page allowing the user to switch between them

As always, please do ensure you’re fully updated and are running the latest version. We again thank you for the feedback provided. 


1,317 Replies

My third post was removed for being disrespectful. I challenge anyone to point out how it was. I would like it returned so that the full record is there.


I would remind the moderators of this forum that the removal of contrary opinions will not improve the quality of the service, it will merely create an echo chamber. I dislike the changes, but I am very aggravated that after I took the time to make several posts about a product that I pay for with feedback, including feedback on how I am required to give feedback on a user experience upgrade I did not wish to be part of, just to have it deleted.

This update has broken many basic features.

  1. Changing the volume by hovering on the volume bar and scrolling: not working anymore. Now I have to click it.
  2. Deleting songs in a playlist by pressing the delete button: not working anymore. I now have to right click a track and remove it in that way.
  3. Resizing the menu bar (left) and friend activity bar (right): not working anymore. They are fixed, resizing is completely gone.
  4. Search from wherever you are in Spotify: removed. You now have to specifically click search and only then do you get a search bar. I mean: honestly why remove something as basic as search? 
  5. Playlists don't show the album. It is just removed. It's 2020, first of all why can't we customize this to begin with? And second of all: why, of all things, remove the specific album?

Can I roll back to a previous version? This version is just dumb, it looks nice, UI elements are dope, but the user experience is much, much worse. It seems in all the fancy UI elements the development team has forgotten basic functionality. 

Hi and thanks for the space to leave a feedback

I am totally missing the option to view the playlists where you could find searched artist. ( It was in the "ABOUT" section, on the right side of screen)
There were mostly official spotify playlists, but from time to time you could find really interisting compilations and users, where you could dig for new music.


Hey @marek6,

Thanks for sharing your feedback on this! This is really useful for the teams working backstage. Let's hope this will be brought back in the future!

Hope you're having a great day,
HuboSpotify Star
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Note: I'm not a Spotify employee.

Hello everyone, 


We'd like to first of all thank you for reaching out to us with your feedback. 


It has come to our attention that some of you have questions regarding if this thread is monitored by the Spotify team and some of you have come back regarding posts that we have removed.

We can assure you that the Spotify Community Moderator team is monitoring this thread in order to track the experience reported by users and coordinate with the right teams.


Our Rock Stars are playing an important part in helping the Spotify Community team gather your feedback. In this sense we’d like to ask everyone to keep a friendly tone towards each other within the thread, as established in our Guidelines, and use it for providing the constructive feedback we need to improve your experience. 

We will be removing posts that contain offensive language or act condescending to any participants in our Community. At the same time we do want to help develop the best app for all of our users and encourage everyone to post in a constructive manner, so that we can gather said feedback and work on improvements. We understand that changing an app that you love and are used to functioning in a certain way can disrupt your experience, but this thread has been created specifically for this reason. We want to hear about this and we want to make it better.

Thank you!

Removing the search bar is super annoying, mixing singles and full records together under one header is also super annoying, especially as many of them share the same artwork.


The best possible version of the Spotify desktop app would be JUST a search bar and nothing else lol.


Need rollback functionality ASAP



Hi Folks!

Dan here from the Desktop team.  I wanted to pop in and say thank you for giving your great feedback and raising your concerns.  We've been going through this and there are a few things that I'm happy to say we have updates on.

These have been fixed in the upcoming desktop release, Nov 30

  • “Adding a new track to a playlist puts it to the top instead of the bottom of a playlist”
  • “The option to remove from this playlist does not work when you do it in the current playback.”
  • “Using the delete key to remove a track from a playlist/liked songs”
  • “Filtering playlists breaks when you enter a space in the filter field”
  • “Sort preferences for playlists are not persisted”

Volume slider not as smooth, scroll wheel to change volume

We've made some performance fixes for the volume slider in the next release (Nov 30), and the ability to change the volume using the mouse wheel will come shortly afterwards in a subsequent release.

Again I'd like to thank everyone who has posted here.


Hi, I actually really like the new interface in terms of design and navigation. I think it can obviously take some time to get used to it but I'm sure we can do it.


I've seen some negative replies about the new update. First I thought that people just didn't like changes in general and blamed the update instead of trying to be objective. But after reading, some posts had some good points, and I've noticed some changes in the app that can be better I think .

First, the specific page where we can see the liked songs from an artist we follow from our library seem to have disappeared. That's a huge loss for me because most of the times I only want to listen to the songs I liked from the artist. Plus, it's not very handy to pick each songs one after the other from an album to another... I have an idea though, why not doing it like it is on the mobile app ? 🙂 It's very handy ! In the mobile app we can access the default artist page, then clic on a section on this page to access the songs we liked from that artist, very cool !


Also, I think it was better when we had a clear view on a discorgraphy.

One more other thing I noticed, when we add a song to a playlist it is added directly to the top of it. Not a bad idea ! But most of the time I'd rather have them at the bottom, so why not adding this option in the settings, maybe ?

One last thing, I think that the easy loading in the library to pick an album or an artist is a bit frustating. I guess it's a performance choice for the app but yeah just wanted to point that out.

Hey @TerminalGuy!


Thanks for sharing your feedback here! It's really useful for the teams working on this backstage.


You mentioned not being able to sort Liked Songs by artists. That should still work here. Could you try clicking the 'Track'-column a couple of times? You should be able to sort your Liked Songs by artists with that. 


Let me know if that works for you!


Have a good one,


HuboSpotify Star
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Note: I'm not a Spotify employee.

How do I now find the content previously under Browse -> Discover ? Screenshot attached of where exactly I'm referring to.


This feature was an absolute goldmine and it's honestly the only thing I currently dislike about the redesign.


Edit: I'm a huge **bleep** and it's actually now under Search -> Discover for anybody else who was wondering!

Gimme a follow, throw some tunes in my inbox, I'll do the same. Peace ♪

Guys please please restore the Artist page as it was - as many people pointed out. 
Having to go back and forth through albums to find specific songs of a band or an artist is frustrating and really don't see the point (I always hated this on the phone app but was content with the fact that "Hey at least the Desktop it's ok".

Honestly, I never understood how big companies create something truly innovative and amazing at the beginning, only to completely wreck it just for the sake of changing stuff around. C'mon Spotify, you are better than that :). 
Just keep the functionality (which is one of the main things your users love), and if you really want to change, just round a few squares here and there, change some fonts and some colours and there you go, new fresh Spotify, looking sharp and functioning well. 

Good luck!

Ive generally been unhappy with this update because of many Reasons already listed in this Post(Especially the change to the Artist Page)

But something ive not seen brought up in this Thread is the removal of the Option to resize this Column:


I generally had this way smaller as I think its currently just taking up way too much Space. Id love if you could readd this simple feature.

I have had some issues when I got this update. When I sort my playlist by artist and switch to other playlist it has switched back to what sorting was. Example: sorting is by date added then I switch it to by artist and then it switched back to by date added. I also have a issue where some of my songs are black bars and I can't play them.


Sorry for bad English.

Logged in for the first time here because of how unhappy I'm with this new update.

What has annoyed me the most has been mentioned in this thread before, but some of these features are:
-Search box removed from all pages
-waste of space (and artwork) in playlists and artists pages

-popularity measure in artist page removed
-New setup for discography in the artist page. However it might be nice to have the option to switch from the old view (that I prefer to the new one) to a list of albums sorted by LP or EP/SP.

The idea of adding a song to the top instead of the bottom is a good one, but probably something that people should be able to change themselves in settings.

Meanwhile nothing has been changed for podcasts so you could sort them by newest episode (just like in the android an ios editions). While it's unchanged the podcast section in the desktop edition is nearly unusable.

These changes will not make me drop Spotify at this exact moment, but keeping them like this for some time will definitely be a reason to look around for alternatives.

The best part for me is that you can now see all the song images in playlists! 

It's much easier for me to find the song I'm looking for, and if it's a new playlist, get an overall overview without having to read the song titles. Much faster!


The beginning of the descriptions that are now displayed under each playlists (e.g. in folders) without having to open them is definitely a plus for me. You immediately know what to expect from the playlist. 

And when you open a playlist, the full description is visible, even if it’s longer, so there’s no need to hover over it to read the whole thing. 


And a feature that many of us have been waiting for - now you can change your display name in the desktop app, sa well as in the web player, not just in the mobile one!

This update is absolutely horrible in my opinion. These are the examples of decreased functionality and user friendliness I've found in my first 60 seconds of usage since the UI update:


  • The search bar is gone... Now you have to go to the search page to search. It's unbelievable.
  • I can't sort by artist in playlists.

  • I can't listen through all the albums of an artist in a row from the artist page.
  • I can't set the size of the left bar, so I can't see the full names of my playlists.

  • Artist names are displayed under the song name making it hard to find a song by name while scrolling. This also makes it so you can fit less songs on your screen at once which makes searching through a list more tedious.

  • The discovery tab under browse is gone, the single best feature in Spotify if you ask me.

Why are you removing functionality? I really don't understand it. I hope you'll either add all the previous functionality back in, or give users the option of using the old UI over the new one. This is horrendous, I'm seriously considering just canceling my +10 year subscription and finding some other service because this is absolutely ridiculous. Jesus Christ.

@Emilia_8 (and other Rock Stars),


Read the room, guys. The vast majority of the comments from non Rock Stars about this update is negative. This is feedback from actual paying customers! Even Spotify (@dan) acknowledged that the Nov 30 update will replace features that were removed. It tells me this was a poor update if within days you're already backtracking. I'm all for seeing more album art, prettier UI, etc but not at the expense of BASIC functionality.


Hopefully, as this update gets pushed to more users, feedback on this thread will grow and Spotify will listen to their customers: GO BACK TO THE OLD VERSION. It was not perfect but it was very functional and allowed users to easily listen to music/podcasts, sort, and create playlists with minimal frustration.

The newest update for Spotify desktop and web player is awful. The layout is clunky and doesn't add anything new. You can no longer resize the album cover art or the friend's activity to make them easier to see, and the update to what friends are playing makes it difficult to differentiate between the song and the artist. Also, not having the artist's name displayed to the side in playlists is just dumb. Again, the look is clunky and just looks way worse than it did before. 


Go back to the old layout, it worked perfectly fine, was user friendly and easy to read and navigate, there was no need to change any of it. I understanding wanting to innovate the UX, but this came out just all around bad and is just trying to fix something that wasn't a problem to begin with. 

Another thing I've noticed is that if you sort a playlist by title, album, etc, then click onto another page such as an artist's page, then click back to go back on your playlist, that sort has been reverted back to the default instead of persisting what it was previously set to. There's so many features that have been removed in this update, it's very much gone backwards and turned an app I use every day into a chore to use.

Hey @Hubo,


Yeah that worked for me. However that sorting means that tracks on albums are in alphabetical order, not in the actual album's track order, so that isn't as useful as it used to be I'm afraid.

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