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A playlist's default play order is the order in which songs were added to it. Currently we only have two options when it comes to re-ordering the playlist:

1) manual click and drag (long and tedious for long playlists)

2) shuffle play (random)


Suppose I would like to quickly re-order the playlist in some ordered fashion, not just by shuffling. I am not asking for much development effort - I could use one of our sorting options: title, artist, album, time added, or even length. Would it be terrible if playlist play order in Play Queue followed the way it was sorted in the playlist window at a touch of a button/toggle/checkbox? Name the button something like "Apply sorting to Play Queue".

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Hey @emberins  and @Cris_2946 


There is an Issue Thread on the dysfunctional Play button in Liked Songs. Please head over here, add a Vote and keep your eye on it for updates!


For the sorting issue there is another Issue Thread about broken sorting in Liked Songs. Check it out here to see if it matches what is happening to you. 🙂


Have a nice day!

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