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Please bring back Playlist Radio

Please bring back Playlist Radio





Operating System

Windows 10


My Question or Issue

The Radio has been severely dumbed down, with the removing of the "Go to Playlist Radio" and "Create New Radio" features. We no longer have the option to truly personalize our Radio stations based on our own playlists. Those features shouldn't be removed, but built upon.

Judging from the forum posts, the old features are being missed by a lot of customers. Would you kindly pass this feedback along to your developers. Cheers!

EDIT: So it seems the new Radio is just the "Create Similar Playlist" feature in disguise with Autoplay slapped on to it. No way to up- or downvote tracks until Autoplay kicks in and what exactly are we personalizing by doing so?

I'm sure you're just trying to improve your product, but I'm curious about the reasoning behind these changes. Are they based on customer feedback or your own design philosophy?


EDIT2: Looks like Playlist Radio is back! Thanks everyone for voicing your opinion, and thank you Spotify for listening!

EDIT3: Aaand it's gone again. <insert facepalm meme of your choice>

EDIT4: Aaand it's back again. You might have to uninstall Spotify completely and then reinstall.

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True words! I was about to open a new ticket on the same topic but I preferred remark yours. I think that this was one of the most useful feartures of Spotify, so please please change this decision.

Totally agree! I don't want to create a new playlist just to listen to similar music to another playlist.


Oddly enough the support articles still have the old instructions:

Personalizing radios to add tracks to my ultra-playlist with one click was one of the main reasons I love Spotify. WHY would they remove this feature?? Now, to add a track I have to navigate to 'add to playlist' which is so much dumber than just hitting 'like'. UGH stop making yourselves crappy like iTunes and just keep the features your paying customers actually use and like!!

Seriously. I do not understand this new update. I used to do the same thing where I like a song playing on a radio station and it automatically goes in to my mega "Liked from radio" playlist. Now there isn't even a real radio anymore on my phone, just some weird short playlist that I can shuffle play. Can't like or dislike and doesn't have many songs on it compared to the stations that were almost endless half the time.


I totally agree! I used this feature every single day! I'm seriously reconsidering my premium subscription now. I hear great things about the other streaming services these days.

its back!!! loaded up the desktop client today and it's back 😄  hopefully it doesn't disappear again....

Ok, so I was celebrating preemptively. Apparenlty if you start a 'song radio', you can't up and downvote. If you start a 'Radio playlist' then you can...which makes literally no sense to me. 


 New update to and it disappeared again for me...

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