Release Notes for update 0.9.8 ?


Release Notes for update 0.9.8 ?


Hi all,

just wondering where to find the release notes for my newly updated version of the desktop 0.9.8

Clearly its moved away from the very ugly white artist pages and moved to black, much nicer on the eyes, but for whatever reason all the text has got bigger, meaning less tracks on my screen to choose from etc. plus my playlist list is HUGE to scroll through now, thanks to the larger font. Not ideal, albeit better to look at..... Anyone else have any thoughts?




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Why not offer the beta as a separate download rather than rolling it out to random users?

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Glad to see other people have the same issues as me regarding 0.9.8. Here's a list of things that need to be changed. I think we can all agree on them.


  • The interface is now TOO dark. This is a darker shade of grey than was previously used before they made the switch to cream/white. The correct shade for the main area of the application is the grey shown in the sidebars.
  • The text is too big. I can see just 16 songs at the load of a playlist at 1680x1050. There's also less room horizontally.
  • The spacing between songs is now too much. This is because they've added the horizontal rule. Simply removing the rule and tightening things up would help a lot.
  • There's a mismatch in the size of the scrollbars on artist pages. The sidebar scrollbar is twice as thick as the scrollbar in the main area. Make them the same.
  • The search box area is white. Make it at least a shade of grey so it doesn't stand out as much.
  • Right clicking on the icon in the taskbar no longer works. I can't close the application or skip tracks via the right click menu.

These are the main issues I have.


On the plus side:


  • Playlist duration has made a comeback. At last.
  • The change back to a dark interface means it's finally easier to see what track is playing.

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joeszef wrote:

where do you get that version?


It updated on its own, the 4th 0.9.8 version I've seen so far.  I'm in the Collections [Your Music] beta group, so that may explain it.


  • The high CPU usage seems to be gone when the Activity Feed doesn't load.  It isn't loading at the moment.  This might be the main improvement of the new version.
  • Still no filtering on Artist pages.
  • Still no Album support in Playlists.
  • Still can't see Starred tracks within playlists, just the "+" sign, no indication what tracks are Starred, only a check mark indicating a track is included in "Your Music."  I hope they are not going to phase out the Starred list completely.

No major differences I can see offhand.  Back to 0.8.3.

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This updates makes spotify almost unuseable. The font is way to big and there is too much space between tracks. This is unworkable with playlists of 8000+ songs. 


I do like the layout change, it is way better then the white one. I would like an option to change font size and spacing between songtitles.


The font change might be a change that caused almost all text to disappear from my spotify?


@Alluboj - could you post screenshots? Also, what operating system is it you're using?


Edit: never mind. I just saw your other thread.


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I agree with an option to change font size and spacing between tracks & playlists.. The layout is nice, maybe a little hard on the eyes (or is it just my eyes getting used to the black rather than white backgrounds???) But the spacing and font size is a MASSIVE issue, very very ugly


I want the previous theme back :(:(:(


The black background of 0.9.8 is hard to make out from my dark desktop background, the font is way too big, and the spacing is just annoying. The earlier one was also way more relaxing for the eyes.


I feel for Spotify, fighting a loosing battle of colours

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Is there any way to get this awesome update without waiting for weeks for some stupid "rollout"? I really want the larger font and darker backgrounds.


The only way to do so is to get the installer for the latest version from someone nice enough that is eligible for the rollout. I am not the one to do so because I am still under the old version and can't get the update.


If you are eligible and haven't updated yet, you can get the installer by going to the Spotify folder, triggering the update and quickly copying and pasting spotify_new.exe while it is updating. spotify_new.exe is the installer and will work on any user.


I want to to test the new design to in Spotify 0.9.8, When new design looks nice!


Really want to try this update so if anyone has a link to the installer it would be much appreciated. (if that type of thing is allowed) 


I too would love to test out the new User Interface. As a UI/UX designer, I'm really curious to see how it turned out! Any way we can get the update posted here or force an update ourselves?

To be honest my spotify was upgraded a minute ago and I must say it is **bleep**ed up 😞 the new interface is horrible. My monitor is 1680x1050 and I see 12 song rows. Everything is huge! Why??? I have a mouse pointer, I'm not using touch screen.


Before all my albums were fit on one page, now I must use scroll to see them.


This is a mistake. Is there ANY way to get back to old interface? Not everybody want to have album title on a half of the display!





Could you please upload this version? Would be great, thanks 🙂


It's unfortunate they didn't include an option for setting the font size. I don't think they have any other choice actually. A couple of weeks ago, I saw a complaint from someone who had an 2560x1440 monitor (or in that neighbourhood), he had trouble to see the text because everything was too small. I imagine he is now satisfied with the new look but now people with lower-res screens are only seeing 15-20 songs at a time.


Since we are in a transition period where slowly but surely higher-res screens are being adopted but lower-res screens are still being used by the majority of people, their will always be someone who is not satisfied. An option for setting the font size would help a lot I imagine.


Although I have not tested the new version yet 🙂


Not true, Floris. If they had any kind of UX management, Spotify would modify the font and spacing sizes based on resolution. It's called responsive design and it's easy as hell. Again, pure laziness from a planning and UX side from Spotify. I'm dreading this update and may go back to blocking updates.


@brudy well that would even better of course! 🙂


Font size is changeable in C:\Users\user\AppData\Roaming\Spotify\Data\ 

In the zip is a skin.xml file. There you can change the font family and font size, but i haven't found an option to adjust spacing. Does someone know where that is located? Smaller fonts have no use if the spacing stays the same...


I think we lost a feature:


Previously there was a "X more releases" button for alternative releases of the same album. This feature is still present on the web player but in the new 0.9.8 version for the desktop I can't find it anymore.


Here is an example:

The button is in the right.

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