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Remove Songs From Playlists When Removed From Library`

Remove Songs From Playlists When Removed From Library`

I don't want any songs in any of my playlists that aren't in my library.  Removing a song from the library is easy, how can I also remove it from all playlists?  The only way I've found is to go to the playlist, find the song there and remove it from the playlist.  That is very tedious and assumes that I know which playlists it's on.


Is there an easier way?

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Hello @salguod, welcome to Spotify Comunity.

Unfortunately there is no such funtionallity yet. But if you want, you can post new idea in the idea board. Spotify frequently goes through the new submissions and if they have enough votes, they can choose to implement it.

I can't believe they don't have this function yet! It is so annoying while playing a playlist that I have to click to the playlist, click edit, then FIND THE SONG, then click remove. Apple has the remove song from playlist right there in the drop down menu next to the currently playing track, why doesn't spotify have this vital feature???

Yes, open the playlist, press the three dots on the top right. This will show you the list of songs in that playlist and there is a - minus sign on the left of each song. Press the minus sign for any song to remove from that playlist then press “done” on the top right. I’m pretty sure any song you delete from a playlist will stay in your library and I’m also pretty sure if you delete a song from your library that song will stay in any playlist it’s in.

Hope that helps.

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