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Songs not appearing in 'Your Music'

Songs not appearing in 'Your Music'



I spent a long time today, adding all my old playlists of albums to 'Your Music' so my Spotify wouldn't be as cluttered.


I finished this, and was listening to the playlist all day.


However, I've got home and logged into Spotify on a different computer - and all the songs have disappeared.


Please can someone help? I'll be gutted if all my albums that I saved have disappeared 😞





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It's worth double checking the PC you added them on to see if they still appear there! Can you see your playlists on your home computer?

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I can see all the playlists, but just nothing that I added to 'Your Music'...


I can't check the other computer til tomorrow morning.


Really hoping that I haven't lost it all! Seemed fine earlier!

Can anyone help?

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