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Songs pause erratically - Premium user


Songs pause erratically - Premium user

Well, everything is pretty much in the title.


Since yesterday, spotify pauses while playing. Sometimes it pauses 5 times in a row in 2 minutes, sometimes not a single time during 2 hours. Sometimes I have to manually resume play by pausing and resuming, sometimes it resumes all by itself and some other times the song won't be playing for another 2 minutes no matter how much time I try to resume playing.


It is quite annoying and seem totally erratic.

My internet connection is spotless and so is my brand new comp (windows 7 x64)


The issue looks a lot like the one we had quite a while ago and discussed in this other thread :


After a while, a user shared a tip the support gave him : unticking the "enable hardware acceleration" in the options.

It seemed to solve the problem.


But I'm afraid that problem is showing up again despite the previous solution.



Am I alone experiencing this ?



94 Replies

I'm having the exact same issue as liquidice. Spotify stops playing intermittenly when it's not the primary window, but works fine when it is. Can't seem to find a solution. 

Same issue as abhpro and liquidice13.  As primary window, spotify is fine.  When in background, whether minimized or not, music will pause erratically for brief periods.  Song, album, artist, and genre have no effect.  Restarting has no effect. Etc... 

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I found the solution! The new version of OS X, Yosemite, has a feature called App Nap, which is what causes the problem. If you find Spotify in your Applications folder, right click it, click Get Info, then check "Prevent App Nap", the issue will be fixed. Finally!

Awesome find abhpro!  Giving this a try now.... so far so good!

I haven't been listening on desktop enough recently to notice the issue. So far so good, I'll post here if it messes up again.
My current ideas: Skip a Track | Spotify Pro

I reinstalled my app and nothing has changed, i am going to switch to apple music if this continues. It is SO ANNOYING!

I have been bothered recently because spotify has begun pausing my music. Even when attempting to manually unpause the song, it still won't play. This has caused me to waste skips, eventually leading me to having an unplayable song with no skips. I've tried logging out and rebooting my phone. Nothing seems to work. Anything else i can do?

unfortunately I've never had this checked and it is pausing with like 3 seconds left very frequently

I am on windows, still having issue, so unfortunately not a universal fix

I've got the exact same problem on iOS 11 and it drives me crazy. At first I thought I was accidentally pressing the Play/Pause button real quick, but that wasn't the problem.


Spotify when are you planning to fix this? It has taken too long already..

when i’m on my iphone listening to spotify the music constantly pauses itself when i leave it to play. it never pauses on my laptop but it always does on my phone. i’m getting to the point where it’s so annoying that i’m just going to cancel my subscription and go through apple music. and i can’t seem to get help from anyone. 

I had the exact same thing and it drove me nuts. It turned out, after a while, there was a problem with the button or cable on my Sennheizer headphones. The headphones seemed to send a signal to the phone repeatedly, cause Spotify to Play and Pauze repeatedly. Try another set of headphones, to see if this causes the problem. If not, it probably has to do with another person / device using your account.

Im have the exact same problem but the oppisite. Every time i say "Ok Google pause the music" it pauses it but every tume i say "Unpause the music" it says Ok but then it doesnt unpause the music or on my headphones i have this pause and unpause button. Every time i push to the botton to pause it pauses but the when i push it again to unpause it doesnt. Or on my screen i push it to pause it pauses but then when i push it to unpause it doesnt. I have to open the app and push the unpause botton. Someone please help me out because i cant solve this **bleep** problem

take it off high quality it helps but i pay for top notch

Just signed up for Premium service (5-19-18) a few hours ago and experiencing pauses. Long pauses. My free version never did this. wth!

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