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Songs pause erratically - Premium user


Songs pause erratically - Premium user

Well, everything is pretty much in the title.


Since yesterday, spotify pauses while playing. Sometimes it pauses 5 times in a row in 2 minutes, sometimes not a single time during 2 hours. Sometimes I have to manually resume play by pausing and resuming, sometimes it resumes all by itself and some other times the song won't be playing for another 2 minutes no matter how much time I try to resume playing.


It is quite annoying and seem totally erratic.

My internet connection is spotless and so is my brand new comp (windows 7 x64)


The issue looks a lot like the one we had quite a while ago and discussed in this other thread :


After a while, a user shared a tip the support gave him : unticking the "enable hardware acceleration" in the options.

It seemed to solve the problem.


But I'm afraid that problem is showing up again despite the previous solution.



Am I alone experiencing this ?



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Thank you for the reply. I use spotify on Mac OS X Leopard, Mac OS X Snow Leopard, iPhone  iOS 5, Windows 7 and Windows XP.

On all these devices Spotify tells me I'm fully up to date v0.83 springs to mind.

I have two broadband connections (Virgin 50Mb and Be (claimed 24Mb but speed tests show between 8Mb and 10Mb)), 3G on the iPhone and a Vodafone data dongle, also 3G.

Until today I was experiencing problems on all connections and all devices (although I admit I've not bothered using it for a few days due to frustration with the pauses.

Earlier today I retried my iPhone on Be wireless, Leopard on Virgin wired and Windows 7 on Virgin wired... all have started working again 🙂 I've been playing music for many hours now without a single glitch so something has been repaired at your end... well done!

My tests involved both existing playlists (some of which are off-line enabled) and tunes deliberately picked because I've never listened to them on Spotify before.  Everything works a treat now.  I'm cautiously optimistic but still find myself braced for a pause.

So far so good! 

Once again thank you for taking the time to respond.  I would have replied earlier but I wanted to give it a fair test before declaring it worked.



It seems that Ziggo and Spotify solved some issues. Today just one hickup, so far so good!

Works fine here too! Great job Spotify!

Yep, here too (ziggo user), could a moderator tell us what happened?

Yesterday and today again experiencing some hick ups. What happened?

I think there must have been another update to the program. I'm experiencing stuttering and halting, during which the program becomes nonresponsive, for the past couple of days. I think they're having trouble with handling pointers correctly and don't seem to learn from their programming mistakes.

Thought the problems were over but had some problems yesterday, and now im testing for a few mins and most of the time no sound... (ziggo user) In await for a response from spotify

I just want to say I have the same problems since the last days. Try again shortly (101) keeps coming up. I can't listen to spotify at all most of the times.

I have the same problem again. Spotify has been running without any problems for almost 2 weks now. But now the pauses reappear, and Spotify is extremely slow. I live in Denmark.

I'm also having severe problems playing music with spotify (using the ipad app). Songs pause, and it seems that buffering is too slow. This is really annoying.

yesterday I could not listen to any music, when I choose a song, and clicked start, nothing happend, in my log on mac osx 10.7 is said something like delay 6456ms. and indeed the song started after about 6 sec. What the heck is this... I'm on a premium account. Spotify... fix???

At my side the pauses are also occuring again.

Ziggo user Holland

Just an ongoing thing this.. paying for PAUSING CONTINUES music..  what's point in paying for this crap when it pauses like everytime you choose a track. If you Can't fix this you should not be charging people to buy this crap. Is there another Engine for music i can buy? if so do tell so i can go buy it and get RID if this sh##. Not bloody paying for this crap service.

''Try unclicking High Quality Playback'' done that. Still same crap.. Pauses withing begining or anytime in Tracks.''

Is there a FIX? actually coming only been waiting months! Next comes the Refund and Delete button. Seems Spotify Cs don't give a toss otherwise someone would actually have a bloody FIX! 😞

Same here: the pauses are back. Recently I unchecked 'hardware accelleration' - which did wonders. Everything was fine for a few days. And now the breaks are back.


Location: NL;  ISP - Ziggo


Spotify isn't that cheap that this 'is to be expected'. I'm seriously considering ending my subscription, though I really love Spotify - when it works. I want Spotify to replace my CD's, but this means I have to be able to rely on Spotify...


So guys at Spotify, 2 things:

1 - Keep us informed on what's happening. The best source of info is other users, NOT you. For the Dutch - Spotify is becoming like the NS, and we all now how we love them...

2 - Fix it, or if you can't (very quickly), make us feel you are sorry.


Keeping my fingers crossed.

i have found a fix to my problems. lol most unlikely things but it works.. no pausing so far! playing tracks no problems and sounds better too. Smiley LOL

yes THX, and the solution is???

my applogys for not saying what.. Smiley Frustrated


Spotify Prefs: Enable hardware Acceleration.

(if you got Grafix card Control panel make sure hardware Acceleration is Enabled too)

AVG? goto Advanced settings and allow Spotify via Roaming thru.

Turn on: High Quality Streaming

Deactivate Firewall.

Shutdown pc...

When you log bk on pc (should)auto turn firewall bk on!

if it don't? Switch Firewall bk on..

Login spotify..

Prefs: Turn OFF High quality streaming.


Works for me now everytime no problems i am having so far. 😄

if your Avg has a Advanced option for Roaming? make sure to allow spotify thru via its Exe

😄 hope it works for others as this process has worked perfectly for me.

( i personaly turned High quality Streaming bk on and sounds better,,) but thats your choice ofc.

Happy the solution worked for you. One thing I don't Understand: How come it has worked without any pauses in the music for almost 2 weeks without using your solution. And why should it be necessary to change, what you have suggested, when the problem appears on and off again and again. I am using SydEnergi in Denmark. I am a Mac user.

Agreeing with Chucky, how come we had no problems for 2 weeks with no change to settings. And I am not turning high quality down, I love high quality streaming, i got an high end audio set and I dont want to turn this feature off, it is one of the reasons for paying for premium. 


The thing that is worse than the problem itself is that we get no support on this forum, so please if a moderator sees this, please respond.

I feel for you guys, I left spotify a few weeks ago over this issue (also ziggo user)

I've reported spotify to BBC Watchdog and Trading Standards in Cambridgeshire.


I am now using Deezer, they have a handy tool ( with which you can import all your spotify playlists into deezer!

I have no stutters and pauses with deezer, it works great and they have just as much if not more music than spotify.


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