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Songs pause erratically - Premium user


Songs pause erratically - Premium user

Well, everything is pretty much in the title.


Since yesterday, spotify pauses while playing. Sometimes it pauses 5 times in a row in 2 minutes, sometimes not a single time during 2 hours. Sometimes I have to manually resume play by pausing and resuming, sometimes it resumes all by itself and some other times the song won't be playing for another 2 minutes no matter how much time I try to resume playing.


It is quite annoying and seem totally erratic.

My internet connection is spotless and so is my brand new comp (windows 7 x64)


The issue looks a lot like the one we had quite a while ago and discussed in this other thread :


After a while, a user shared a tip the support gave him : unticking the "enable hardware acceleration" in the options.

It seemed to solve the problem.


But I'm afraid that problem is showing up again despite the previous solution.



Am I alone experiencing this ?



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THX I'll check out deezer, at the moment f?ck spotify

Yeah, this is just **bleep**ing rediculous. **bleep**ty buffering and skipping for the past month now on ziggo 120 mbit. I'm not paying for this **bleep**.

Same problem for me, ISP is Ziggo. I have heard there are problems with this ISP at the moment....


OS: Windows 8 x64 Release Preview

Spotify Version:


Any update on this?

Same problem for me, ISP is Ziggo and Telfort



I share this problem once again. Also a Ziggo user in the Netherlands. However, the last time when I officialy filed a service request using the contact form on ( the error was quickly resolved and I mentioned that on this forum. 


Please file a complaint first via this form, because I don't think the Spotify employees check this forum too often.


Let's see what happens. It's probably something Ziggo and Spotify can fix as it appears to be ziggo related (as only few other ISPs have the same problem).


Kind regards,


So I contacted spofify support via the from a couple of days ago here is their response:
Hi there Rallufff, thanks for getting in touch,

This issue has been highlighted with Ziggo so they are aware of this issue, 

But as they are not an official parter of ours we cannot say of definite when a fix may be put into place.

We will be back in touch when we have more information on this.
Kind Regards, 
For ziggo users: als iedereen nu even een mailtje stuurt naar ziggo dan gaan ze het misschien oplossen.

Het probleem zit niet alleen bij Ziggo, ik ben ook klant bij Ziggo maar heb ook de mogelijkheid om via Telfort in te loggen, hier ontstaan dezelfde problemen, ook komen de problemen voor in andere landen bij andere providers. Ik heb Spotify hierover een bericht verstuurd, heb er nog geen antwoord op gehad. Ik denk dat Spotify de groeiende vraag niet aan kan. Vriendelijke groet, Hans.

Same here. Premium user on an iMac, OS X Leopard 10.5.8 using Spanish Movistar optical fiber connection of 50 Mg.


A few days ago, songs pause and restart at random. I uninstalled Spotify, installed it again and worked fine for a couple of days. Now, it started again with the pauses. I followed the advise given here of unckecking the "streaming in high quality" and now it seems to work well, but it's a pity to use low quality being a premium user.


I wonder if it has something to do with Movistar connection of optical fiber since the problems started after its installation. The connexion is fast and stable, though.





This buffering issue has been going on for more than week for me now!


Like many others I'm a PREMIUM USER and I expect this either to be explained by the official Spotify people (and of course be told how much longer these problems are to expect to go on) and somehow get this outage (because really, that's what it more or less is) compensated...


Spotify, get this sorted NOW and let us know what's going on!




I have the same issues since 2 weeks now. Songs keep pausing the whole time. Sometimes like 4 times in a song.

When I am really unlucky the song won't continue at all. This is both on my desktop PC and my Iphone 4.


Any more info on this? Because this is not working for a lot of us.



For all Ziggo users, I contacted the helpdesk:



Thanks for getting in touch. 

We are now in the process of reaching out to ISP’s to help us further understand what may be causing the slow streaming that you have been experiencing.

This means that for now we have no resolution for you, but we will contact you as soon as we have any additional information.

If you experience anything further, please don’t hesitate in letting us know.

Have a great week
All the best 


Spotify Customer Service - Cambridge 

Same problem here...I'm using Spotify premium in France and my ISP is Free.

Songs pause a lot , I love listening to jazz and it's not a pleasure in those conditions...please do something.

Hey guys, for those with Ziggo: we've made some changes and initial tests show the severity of the problem to be mitigated.


Any feedback from you with reports of how it's faring now would be great.

Check out our Twitter for the latest updates on any service issues: @Spotifystatus

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Yesterday, That is 13 hours ago, I did not have any hickups whatsoever. I listened to Spotify for almost three hours and it was great listening without hickups. Cheers... and keep up the good work. I'll check my logs later when I'm home.

Works fine! No hick-ups @ Ziggo! What was the problem?

At the moment everything is ok, all songs start immediately and no interruptions.

Yep same problem on my iPhone. Pauses erratically when song is playing. I thought it was due to the stream buffer but it also happens for offline songs on my iPhone !!?? Anyone having issues with offline songs too? Tried changing music quality and it still paused. Started happening after some upgrade. Songs used to play fine before. Everything works fine on my Mac so it seems to be the iPhone app that has the issue. Spotify please fix this !!!



I set the 'Gapless Playback' feature to 'Off' on my iPhone and now everything works fine again and there are no more gaps!! Ironic that the gapless playback is the one that introduced the gaps...tsk tsk spotify !



I don't know why it took me so long to discover this, but after a lot of frustration over paused music I finally discovered that 


*you can only stream music on one device at a time, music will pause if someone else is using your account


...and my wife and I frequently listen to Spotify radio from different locations at the same time.  Come on, Spottify, couldn't you have made it two devices?  Pandora One never paused my tunage...

@Bredge - It's down to how Spotify license content from record labels unfortunately - accounts are single user only.

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I'm on a MacBook Pro 15" retina display running on the latest version of OSX Yosemite. My music pauses all the time now, but with the Play button still active. This is how it happens. When I'm in other windows (e.g. Chrome), Spotify will stop. The moment I reopen the Spotify window, the song starts playing again no-problem. When I return to another window, the music begins acting up again shortly after.

My current ideas: Skip a Track | Spotify Pro

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