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Spotify Connect stopped working on streaming device

Spotify Connect stopped working on streaming device






HP Laptop

Operating System

Windows 10


My Question or Issue


The Spotify desktop software no longer plays through my streaming device via Connect. The device appears briefly as a Connect option. The software is trying to connect to the streaming device which is indicated by the application flickering at the bottom of the screen.

I am able to use Spotify Connect via a Windows 7 PC, Android phone and via the webplayer.

I have re-set the router on my network and this made no difference. 

Anyone else experiencing similiar problems?



46 Replies

Unstalled the desktop software. Reinstalled the software. All good. Problem solved. For now.

I have the same problem. However, reinstalling the software has not solved it. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

I would make sure that the software has been completely removed, including from the registry. I used Revo Unstaller freeware to remove the desktop application.

I hope this works for you.

Thank you very much for the suggestion. Good to see that this was exactly what I did yesterday after I posted my call for help. But: no success.

Do you (or anyone else?) have the Spotify registry locations so that I can remove the registries manually?

New day. The problem has returned exactly as before. A clean installation was not the solution.

Any thoughts.

Clean install. Tidied the registry with CCleaner. Restarted laptop. Same problem again. Desktop software not able to use Spotify Connect.

I am having exactly the same problem, reinstalling only fix the problem for the first time start up, and then the problem reappear

Exact same issue here too as I reported in another thread.


Win10 client had been working fine for many years, but as of the last few days the Spotify Connect shows devices but selecting any of them does nothing.

Clean reinstall of latest version fixed it for the first time use, but after a while (ie, overnight) the issue comes back so must reinstall AGAIN.


Spotify Connect works fine using Web Player and iOS.

I uninstalled using Windows 10. Used CCleaner to 'tidy up' the laptop. Reinstalled the Spotify desktop application. It worked fine. Spotify Connect worked OK. Restarted the laptop. The software stopped working again.

Web player, Windows 7 and Andoid apps work fine.

I've got the exact same issue, unistalling with iobit unistaller, cleaning reg with ccleaner then installing again worked for the first time. Then I re-started the app and the problem appeared again, i've got this issue from a couple of days.

As I have reported in another thread, I have exactly the same problem but it only happens in one but not all of my spotify family accounts.

Looks like its an account specific problem, not network nor hardware problem.

I do have the same problem. I tried both the desktop app as well as the windows store app, both show the same behaviour recently.


A few days ago and the months before everything was fine.

I'm having the same issue. It hasn't been working for a few days.


Reinstalling DOES fix it but only for a short while then it breaks again...


Both windows store version and normal version are broken.

same problem, reinstalling fixing problem. but after restart app it doesnt work again.


edit : install app from here, its working now after restart too. seems like issue with windows store version >


nvm didnt work again. lol

Sam issue here. Works perfectly fine from my phone, but once I use my PC, it's like it's in offline mode.

Nothing gets picked up.

Been happening to me these past couple days.  No matter what I would do, it would only working for the first time starting it up.  It also isn't affecting everyone, since several of my friends don't have this problem.

Same issue here.

I also removed every connection from my Spotify account (i just went to the spotify website/account overview/apps). It worked for the first start of the app, but after closing it and starting again it stopped working. Pretty annoying since im using spotify roughly 10 hours a day.

I have solved this by contacting the Spotify support at

They offer to transfer everything I have in the problematic spotify account to a new account .

Now everything is working as expected under the new account.

I have the same issue and will conntact support and see if a switch to a new account will fix.

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