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Spotify Shuffle is terrible and needs re-development

Spotify Shuffle is terrible and needs re-development

Does anyone here besides me think that the Spotify shuffle method is complete **bleep**? I have a total of 36 songs, however, the shuffle only plays songs at the beginning of the list of songs that I have. It never plays the songs towards the end of my list, or close to the most recent date that I have added songs.


I have read other articles on Spotify, people claiming it is still broke, I believe them and here is your proof, because all the information is relevant to my complaint:


I've added songs from a date range of 10-31-2018 -> 12-23-2018, and the shuffle still plays the songs I have added in that date range, it may even play from the same album or 2-3 songs, before it plays something else from that date range, but never anything newer.


It will shuffle only the songs you see in this 2018 list




before it heads to 2019. Listen, It can't be that hard to create a buffer to prevent songs from playing again. These issues go back as far as 2017, clearly, there is an issue that needs to be rectified with a development team.


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Hey there @Cowboy-Bebop,

thanks for sharing your thoughts in the community !


As many users send their improvment suggestions, complains, new comments on update changes etc, i feel like the ideas section would be a great place to post your opinion.


Reach the "Ideas" section, tap the right channel regarding your thoughts and have all the community users and Spotify mods check it out and share their comments or votes.


Hope this helps 😃

I've been noticing that for the past couple months, and now it's becoming rather annoying. I have a 200+ song playlist, and added a few songs from a band I never heard (on spotify) before. After listening to them for some days, I noticed that after shuffling my playlist, they all appear at the start of the playlist, while the other ones that have been in my playlist for more time just go to the bottom of the queue. Since the playlist is big, I usually have to choose between listening to the "older" songs, or the ones that pop up after shuffling. Feels bad, man

we are looking to fix this issue,

thank you

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