Spotify being slow and having lags


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This can be a connection problem. Please check if there are known problems with your internet provider. Maybe you can do a speedtest using and post the result here.
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Re: Spotify being slow and having lags

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Thank you for your reply.


Though I have to say that I dont think it is a problem with my internet connection. That Spotify is a bit buggied** when you have massive playlists cant/shouldnt be an issue regarding internet but more like PC <-> Spotify related. However, I have still done the test you've asked for and the results are as following: 20 ping; 7,42 DS; 0,74 US. Also I cant believe it is a RAM issue with my PC, even when I only run Spoify alone on PC, it still acts buggied. 


(**buggied: referring you to my first post in this thread)

Addition/further explanation: When scrolling/searching through my huge playlists, Spotify is having a hard time loading up the content and keeps re-loading when I scroll up/down again. Also adding/deleting a track to/of one of my HUGE playlists takes like up to 30 seconds. Flashing / turning invisible tracks in HUGE playlists for like 20 seconds. Not being able to use mouse (clicks) in Spotify for like 20 seconds during one of those mentioned situations above.





Re: Spotify being slow and having lags

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The new project centennial app UI is also slow to respond. Wondering if it has something to do with the UWP virtual container. The UI element response time needs to be improved. Scrolling an on-button press responses are slow. scrolling lags up to more than 1 second per swipe and button response times also lag more than 1 second.  Response times should be preferably be less than 0,1 second respond times. See also this feedback spotify link: