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Spotify crashes on computer every time I remove my headphone jack.

Spotify crashes on computer every time I remove my headphone jack.







Operating System



My Question or Issue

 I am having trouble with Spotify crashing EVERY time I unplug my headphones. 
The program with then repeat a second of sound endlessly. 
Reinstalling the program doesn't work, and changing accounts does not work. 
What to do? 

21 Replies

hey there,

Are you using windows 10? And what headset are you using?

Not using windows 10 yet.
I'm using a couple of Sony headphones with a simple jack....

is their a second sound system connected to your pc? you mentioned that it plays a sound AFTER unplugging.

There is not. If I unplug the jack, the music does not play through the
computer's speakers. If I plug the jack back in, the program keeps
repeating the last second of sound from whatever track I was playing.

I am having exactly same issue; if I unplug accidently the headphone jack and then replug, the music jams like back to 90's when a CD was jammed, and then I have to kill Spotify from task manager. This problem has come up only some time ago, so perhaps it came with some version update for Spotify? 


How we know that this will reported and handled as a bug?

I have this same issue.  The issue isn't so much when you unplug your headphones, but when the default sound device changes in Windows.  If you're using a USB headset, unplugging the USB headset will disconnect the device, forcing Windows to change the default sound device to another audio output.  If the sound device changes, Spotify will lock up, endlessly looping the last 1 second (or whatever the buffer is) of audio endlessly.


I'm not sure how Spotify controls audio output, but one would think that it should be able to switch between sound devices without crashing (the UI doesn't completely crash, but you are unable to control the active song or change the song being played).

I want to report exactly the same issue. When I unplug a headphone, or when I switch speakers, Spotify loops the last second of the song through the speaker.


Meanwhile, the music progress bar (bottom screen, indicating how for you are in the song) continues. I can also start other songs in Spotify. But the sound that comes out still remains the single second of that song it was playing when I unplugged the headphones. So it seems the problem is with the sound output only.


After closing the program, when I want to reopen it, I get the message that the program is already running. So I have first have to kill the Spotify processes from task manager.


I am working with Windows 7, Spotify version


Any suggestions?

Disconnecting my bluetooth headset (bose QC35) will also crash spotify.
Cant search or play songs, and have to manually kill spotify from taskmanager

When losing bluetooth connection with a bluetooth device spotify will automatically pause the song being played.

I am also adding this to the latest issue plaguing my spotify use. If I turn off my bluetooth headphones and then try to reconnect them later I won't get any sound but spotify shows the song is playing. I close spotify and then try to reopen and receive an error message that the application can't be opened, I then have to kill it in task manager before it can be reopened. 

Dont turn off your bluetooth headphones while using spotify, rather first close the app and then disconnect. The same applies for bluetooth speakers.

While "dont turn of your bluetooth device before closing down spotify" is a solution, just like "kill spotify with taskmanager if you've forgotten to shutdown before disconnecting", it is definitly something that spotify should look into. It is a bug that is not supposed to happen... 

The battery on the headphones is finite. I can't leave them on all the time.

Same here.  In looking at older posts, it looks like this has been a known issue for years.  Hopefully just off and on, not "always has been a problem" kind of thing, cuz that's embarassing.

At work, I routinely switch between analog headphones (for music) and a USB headset.  Every single change will **bleep** off Spotify. When removing USB headset and reinserting jack headphones,
1) Either endlessly loops 1 second
2) Pretends to play, but not through headphones.  Other sounds DO resume through jack headphones.  
3) Sometimes it says that the current song is not available... for EVERYTHING. 

In all of these cases, closing Spotify window does not fully kill the app. If you reopene Spotify, it says "Spotify is already running". You have to kill it via Task Manager, then it opens up just fine.

Pretty annoying.

Try to desable/enable hardware acceleration from Settings + Advanced Settings 

Same issue here, Spotify PC app crashes every single time I change audio output (headphones to speakers, for example). It won't play anymore and when I close the app and try to reopen it, I get an error. I have to kill the app in Task Manager - Processes to be able to reopen it. Tried reinstalling a couple of times, the issue persists.

Hoping Spotify will get a hold of it and fix this with an update soon, as it's getting very frustrating and it's obviously a global issue.

(Spotify Premium, Windows 7, HP Pavilion g6)

I have personally made this a bit more managable by using the following batch script when spotify hangs:

taskkill /F /IM spotify.exe

Paste this in a new .txt file, rename it to killSpotify.bat, and then double click this file whenever spotify crashes
its a bit faster than manually open taskmanager and killing the process 😉

Sadly have the same issue.
Crashes on my Dell Latitude E7470 with Windows 7 after removing the headphones.

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