Spotify crashes when adding/removing tracks from playlist


Spotify crashes when adding/removing tracks from playlist


So I'm listening to a Radio, a song comes up that I want to add to a playlist, I click on teh album art and select add to playlist select the playlist then BAM music stops, dissapears. I'm rocking a W7 with plenty of memory (8core) NO reason for it to crash.


Also went to play Que to add the song Still crashes


If you can help it would be appreciated cause I'm getting angry.


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@tomboerwinkle1 wrote:
I can't add tracks to any of my playlists. I hit add to playlist but no playlists. Also playlists won't automatically play the queue. One track at a time. Slooow loading when loading at all. Lots of buffering. Can't search. Other apps like pan-bora and YouTube work fine. Sspotify is basically useless right now to this premium user. Android Galaxy Nexus with all current updates.

Hey @tomboerwinkle1 🙂 


If you could make your own topic over in the Android section I am sure the community will be able to help you troubleshoot.

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Hello everyone!


We resolved this issue a few weeks ago so we're going to go ahead and close this thread. If you experience a similar issue, please let us know by posting in one of the boards and we'll get you sorted out soon. Thanks for the reports everyone!