Spotify crashes when adding/removing tracks from playlist


Spotify crashes when adding/removing tracks from playlist


So I'm listening to a Radio, a song comes up that I want to add to a playlist, I click on teh album art and select add to playlist select the playlist then BAM music stops, dissapears. I'm rocking a W7 with plenty of memory (8core) NO reason for it to crash.


Also went to play Que to add the song Still crashes


If you can help it would be appreciated cause I'm getting angry.


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OS: Windows 8


Track: Bart & Baker – Bee Zoo (Audioprophecy & Charlie Rouhana Remix) also Bart & Baker – Communications - Swing Brotherswing Remix and Dutty Moonshine – Move Ya


way of adding to playlist: right click-> add to -> my playlist

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an still this matter is unsolved... keeps on crashing when you add or remove albums.


Its about time Spotify takes customers seriously, pay every month enough pennies.

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Sick of it mate...

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Me too... Is there any other way we can contact Spotify?


Yup I'm having this problem as well. Constantly. I have 3 playlists and they are very bare because almost every time I try to add a song the whole program crashes.


As it stands now I've got Spotify Premium, but won't renew it unless this problem gets fixed.


Same issue. It will happen randomly. I sometimes can add multiple songs to my playlist before it crashes, but after i wait let's say 30 minutes and i add a song it will crash.


Here are my computer specs:

spotify version:


I also have Spotify Premium.


Same issue, spotify closes when adding a song to a playlist from radio. The song is not added before the crash.



Windows 7 64bit SP1

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Windows 7, version - same problem


Crashes when trying to delete tracks.  Everytime I am playing a track on a playlist and I highlight other tracks and hit delete spotify crashes.


If I select the same tracks and delete them after restarting spotify they are deleted but this is before hitting play again.


I also have the same problem. I started noticing this yesterday and it only seems to happen after you switch to another program. It happens whether the song you delete is the one playing or not and whether the player is paused or not doesn't seem to matter either. 


Come on Spotify ... are you kidding me?
It still crashes.

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I am running into this problem too. It happened on 2 different computers, one running Win7, the other Win8. It was aggravating because I lost a couple songs I liked and I didn't catch the names of them. I have to agree with some of the statements on this forum- each new version of Spotify gets worse and worse. I hate that my playlist is in the wrong order (default sort is oldest to new, and can't be changed). I also find the phone app takes too many presses to get to my playlist or perform a search-- it's a real hazard while driving. Also, the iPhone verison plays all my playlists in backwards order.. why would anyone want to hear oldest song to newest? When opening the PC version, it'll resume the last track where it left off-- but once that track is done, it stops playing.. the old versions would continue playing tracks from the playlist. And why isn't there a Windows 8 app yet? I'm really getting fed up with the software. 


I don't know if there is a connection or not, but I found that if I delete some songs from some of my "play lists" or delete a couple of "play lists" The problem goes away for awhile. Then it pops up again, then I have to delete more songs and some more "play lists".   I have a lot of play lists and have saved a lot of songs into most of those play lists.   That is the only thing I have noticed recently that is any type of a pattern that might be a clue to what might be causing the problem.  Has anyone else had to do the same thing or noticed the same thing?


I hope this information helps lead to a solution.

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I hate to chime in with 'me too', but... me too 😛 I think tonight (914/2013) is the first time I've noticed it.


Windows 8 64-bit

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and where is PETER!


Peter solves everything when it becomes to Spotify problems.

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Same problem here, oddly enough only in the past few days. I actually downgraded from Windows 8 to Windows 7. No problems on Windows 8 and none on Windows 7 until about 3 days after I installed it. Now just about everytime I attempt to add a song, whether from Radio, another playlist or from a search Spotify will just crash.

Windows 7 Ultimate x64 SP1
Spotify version


It also randomly crashes when I add a track from an artists page to one of my playlists.

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I'm getting this too, on Mac OS 10.8.4, latest Spotify.

Crashes when:

- Adding songs to playlist

- Deleting songs from playlist

- Copy pasting

When I reopen, I can do the above functions for a while before it will crash again

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Same problem here, no update yet

when I add a song to my playlist spotify suddenly stops working and closes down, but when I re-open spotify it works perfectly. When I leave it on standby and start using it again the problem comes back.

It's very annoying, please help!


Windows 8 64bit, spotify, happens with every song


Same problem here. It crashes whenever i try to add song to my playlist.  spotify

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Same for me. Win8 + latest Spotify build.

Very annoying - please fix soon.